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making pizzas over the campfire

This was classic.  We pulled off the interstate in search of a campground.  Many towns have parks with camping, so we stopped in a gas station and asked for directions to a nearby campground.  Recognizing us as northerners (must be the accent), the clerk asked us "how'd y'all find yourselves in Pauls Valley?"  I guess Pauls Valley, Oklahoma, is not a common tourist destination.  We were directed to a city park a few miles out of town and set up camp.  I introduced Rachel and Jordan to the wonders of pizza over a campfire.  You make it in a pudgie pie maker (pie iron) and fill it with whatever pizza toppings you like.  They are so delicious.  Mmmm... 

Want the recipe?  Here it is:  butter one side of a piece of bread and stick it butter side down in half of the pie iron.  Do the same with another slice in the other half.  Spread pizza sauce on one piece and add your toppings.  I like pepperoni, mushroom and cheese.  Close the iron, latch it, and stick it in the hot coals of your fire.  Check on it to make sure it isn't burning - time to cook depends on how hot the coals are.  Flip it over so both sides are grilled evenly.  The bread should be golden brown, like grilled cheese.   They are very hot, so be careful.  The pepperoni likes to fall out and drip hot sauce on your face.   Mmmm...  You can also make pudgie pies with pie filling for dessert (but after two pizzas I never have room) or grilled cheese.  

Ma-Ray says:
Alyssa's surviving tips ;D
I don't like camping though, so I don't see myself getting much experience in it.
Posted on: Dec 04, 2008
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making pizzas over the campfire
making pizzas over the campfire
Pauls Valley
photo by: jaypost