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Left with Lisa early morning from LA. I didn't even have any coffee before I left and was quite proud of myself for temporarily breaking away from my chemical dependency. The idea to visit Sequoia National Park was a spur of the moment type thing. We both wanted to get out of L.A. for a bit and see a more natural landscape. Being the simple man that I am, my only requirement was that I wanted to see lots of trees. Being more of a beach person, most of my excursions in California have been along the coastal regions, and I thought it was also time for a change of terrain to see what else this beautiful state has to offer.

Unfortunately, the drive from L.A. to Sequoia is less than scenic. The straight, flat path along I-5 and highway 99 is pretty uneventful and the views are mainly of flat, indistinct farmland. The valley also seems to be a repository for L.A's smog, and I felt like we were driving through a miasma of dust, smog, and debris. The one flip-side to all of this is that the plum trees and orange trees were in bloom, and occasionally we would pass by a scenic orchard along the side of the highway.

We were in a bit of a hurry because we were scheduled to meet X_Drive and his wife at a coffee shop in his hometown of Visalia!

Eric says:
Yes it was very relaxing. Good to get out of LA every once in a while :)
Posted on: Apr 04, 2007
HarleyRiderHaji says:
Did not see any big Sequoia trees? Last summer I went there. At this time, in Feburary the vallet may be full of miasma. Anyway did you relieve any stress of the town? I hops so.
Posted on: Apr 03, 2007
Isoinspira says:
Way to break free from the chemical dependency!! That is quite a feat:)
Posted on: Mar 07, 2007
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