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Lana, Michelle, y Orlando
Hola chicos. Well, I'm finally here in Costa Rica!!! It's been a long and hectic journey but I've arrived. If you didn't hear about it yet, Costa Rica experienced a 6.2 earthquake yesterday, literally just an hour before my plane landed. An entire mountain side about 30 minutes away from my house collapsed, crushing homes, roads, and killed 2 niñas and injured many more. Welcome to Costa Rica!

So how things are going. My home is very cute, I have my own room, and the other international student living here is Michelle from Chicago. We're about a twenty minute walk from school too. My mamá, Rosario, is very kind and funny but doesn't speak a bit of english. She has two sons, Mauricio and Daniel, who are 25 and 21 who also live in the house with us. Daniel seriously looks like a cute Hawaiian local boy.
Too bad he's a good three inches shorter than me. Haha.

All the international students went to school today for orientation. We'll be attending La Universidad Interamericana de Costa Rica. I'm taking the courses Sustainable Development, Biological Conservation, and Advanced Spanish 1 and 2. So basically that means I'm skipping ahead a semester in Spanish language. Eeek!!

We walked around Heredia this afternoon which was an experience. I honestly am considering making my hair brown. Heredia is a metropolitan area of the capital San José which unfortunately means it's pretty urban. Put it this way; it looks like Hilo Town but older, dirtier, and on the side of a volcano. I was hoping for a bit more rural setting but I suppose that means I'll be spending every weekend traveling to the coasts.

I do already have pangs of homesickness to be honest. I mean, this is a huge change for me. I was just finally getting into living in Utah, snowboarding everyday, and being around so much family. Now I'm on this loca adventure. I'm not making any calls yet but I'm not 100% sure this is what I should be doing. I mean, when I travel it seems I enjoy remembering the experiences more than I actually do when I'm living them. But like I said, it's just the first day so don't quote me on this.

Okay chicos, I'm taking a siesta now but I have Skype on all the time so please call me if you feel compelled. Miss you already!!

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Lana, Michelle, y Orlando
Lana, Michelle, y Orlando
photo by: diisha392