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So I can't believe it's coming so fast. It seems like only yesterday I was in high school, dreaming of one day doing a study abroad. Yet here I am, just about three weeks away from this life changing experience. I'm nervous. Actually, I'm terrified. I have daymares about it all the time. I won't be so much the shock of being there, I think it's just the settling in to one place to be ripped away, yet again. I've realized that I can't be content with where I am or what I'm doing, ever. When I was in Kona all I wanted to do was get away from the Rock and all the people who I was around..... now, I want nothing more than to be heading back to K-town to see those people and the place that help make me feel like myself. Alright yeah, I like Salt Lake well enough, but it's not my ideal local. But I've adjusted and now I've gone and torn myself away, yet again, from someplace where I'm situated. Can you tell I'm overwhelmed?

Do I really live for traveling as much as I do? I mean, everytime before I actually go on an adventure I become engulfed with the feeling that I'm just doing it to boost my own ego. Like, I travel just so I can talk about it to people who can never relate to the stories I live. It's some sick and twisted feeling of pleasure I get from adding another foreign location to my list. Why else would I travel to eastern europe by myself?! I'm absolutely ridiculous in this regard. Will I ever be content?

I realize this probably shouldn't be part of my travel blog but I just had to get it all out. Honestly, it's 1am and I should be sleeping because I've got my Statistics final in 12 hours. I always choose the best times to have a mental/emotion breakdown. Psh, why couldn't my feelings of disconnect from the Big Island flame up tomorrow after my exam? Whatever, it's irrelevant because it's happening now. I know moving to Costa Rica will be filled with hardships and frustration, but I think the majority of my time will be spent doing things that are amazingly fun. Sorry for the moan sesh. Hah. Alright, off to kick the ass of stats! Aloha.
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