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Double fistin'
Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!! Palmares was freaking awesome!!!!! It's this ten day long party in the small mountain of Palmares that is absolutely insane. Apparently it's the third largest party in the world and more alcohol gets drunk at it than even at Oktoberfest. This is something I can attest to. Jejeje. Anyway, so I had school the whole morning before we went. Actually, in my Bio Diversity/Conservation class we went to this really cool nature reserve called INBio about ten minutes from campus. We had a tour through four different types of forests and saw tarantulas, turtles, giant lizards, a sloth, and I held a baby boa constrictor!!!! I can tell I'm going to love studying the environment in Costa Rica.

Okay, back to the party stuff.
So I got on an open bar bus with all the Heredia & San Jose crew to head to the fiesta. When you fit 60 American college kids on a bus and give them unlimited alcohol, madness ensues. So we get to Palmares and the directors tell us we have to be back at the bus by 11:45 because its leaving at midnight and will leave without us if we're not here. More on that later....

So with a bag full of poached beer, Michelle and I headed out into the mess with Tyler and Joe. Apparently the main thing of Palmares is this thing called Tope. It's this parade of like 150,000 cowboys and their horses (who shit everywhere which made it inevitable that my converse are officially disgusting now). Anyway, we didn't get to see it but there will still horses wandering around all over the place the whole time we were there.
I'm not sure how it happened but Michelle and I got separated from our group of gringos and continued to just wander around and drink. It's funny because we're always told not to respond to the guys who catcall and say 'macha' (costa rican for blondie). Yet, we're the friendliest drunks and went around talking to different groups of guys, taking their beers, and collecting a ton business cards. I can't help it if I Ticos wanna be my friend. Jejeje.

Okay so our other Tico friends said they were going to be the Marlboro tent all night and that we should try to find them (impossible!). We eventually ran into our group of friends from school and went into some massive tent/bar. It was like three floors with a concert downstairs and more bars and dance floors upstairs. I can't even remember how many and who I danced with in there.
Truly it was just a blur. I did meet this super cool guy, Daniel, who actually lives only a mile away from me in Heredia. He was so so so nice and invited me to go spend weekends at his beach house in Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean coast. Seriously, I have the best luck with meeting guys with beach houses.

So the hour was getting close to midnight and we should have been heading back to our bus. Being drunk and friendly we took Daniel up on his offer to take a bus back to Heredia with him. Crazy right? Who does shiz like that?!!! One of the San Jose kids told us we gotta go with them and we're like 'nah' and kept dancing. Jejeje. Long ride home short, we made it back to Heredia just fine. Daniel walked us home and then we passed the eff out. Apparently, Karla our group director, called our mom this morning to see where we were and that she was worried because we didn't get on the bus. I'll be expecting a lecture of sorts Monday morning. Duli.

Anyway, today was relaxing. Spent the day tanning in our backyard and doing homework. Tomorrow morning we're leaving Heredia at 6:30 to go to Arenal Volcano. Gonna spend the weekend hanging out in some awesome hot springs. Can you tell I'm stoked on life?!!!

Pura vida.
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Double fistin
Double fistin'
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