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Santa Teresa y Mal País - la cultura de surf.
So I woke up bright an early to the sound of crashing waves against the beach. Made myself some delicious pb&j and walked into town by myself to get a cup of coffee. As I was relaxing in a hammock reading the paper, JF and the other boys rolled up on the quads again! We were leaving Montezuma today for Santa Teresa today and I was very much excited to get back on a surfboard. So after a dusty and incredibly sweaty hour long ride through the jungle (with plenty of howler monkeys) on the back of the ATV with JF ;), we pulled up to Hostel del Mar in Santa Teresa. Totally cute!

I ran into a couple of the San Jose ISA kids and we decided to walk over to Mal País to the only ATM within a 10 mile radius.
Crazy hostel gang
Since we were walking along the beach, we really had no idea how far we were going and ended up walking about a mile too far. Freaking hot mission and a half. After getting out some money, we totally were being followed by a major creeper so we ducked into a restaurant and waited for him to give up on his attempt to mug us. Nice.

I headed straight to a surf shop and rented a board for the afternoon. JF, Mayumi, and I walked to one of the most beautiful waves I've ever seen. It was seriously three miles long with an endless amount of breaks, one outside and one inside. The waves were big and thick and super powerful so Mayumi and I headed to what we thought might have been a slightly smaller break down the beach a ways. I can honestly say I felt a little over my head but it was still a blast.
JF & Israel - my favorite French-Canadians!
It's so nice to be surfing again. I seriously had a spiritual moment while I sat on my board, waiting for the next epic set to roll in. The sun was setting, people were still dropping in on these beautiful waves, there was a drum circle going at it on the shore...... I truly knew that at that moment, I've never been as happy as I am right now. That's a feeling I wouldn't trade for anything.

As the night progressed, Mayumi decided to be our chef and make a huge sushi dinner for all 13 or something of us. We bought all of the ingredients at the store along with beer, rum, and 5 bottles of white wine. Things definitely got rowdy in the outdoor hostel kitchen. Everyone was drinking, laughing, taking pictures, and just being ridiculous. The dinner was amazing, probably one of the best I've ever had.
Early morning bonfire.

After cleaning up, JF, Eric, Mayumi, Israel, Michelle, Pier, and I walked out to the beach and started collecting beach wood and palm fronds to make a bon fire. I can't think of a better way to end the night. Definite connections were made. How could something meaningful not come from a day like that? I think we all stumbled back to the hostel around 4am and had to wake up at 5:30 to catch the 6am bus back to San Jose :(. But it wasn't all bad. A bus to the port and then back on the ferry to Puntarenas and then back on the bus to San Jose. Dozing on JF's shoulder with his adorable jew fro. :) We said goodbye to the boys in the city, very much sad. But it wasn't over yet. We're not that easy to get rid of.

So, Michelle and I showed up at Hostel Pangea Monday night, their last night in Costa Rica. I think we drank three whole bottles of rum and vodka, sitting next to the pool. JF and I basically spent the entire evening learning everything about eachother. I guess I'll just have to take a trip up to Quebec now :)

I can't seem to find the words to describe how truly happy I am with my life here in Costa Rica. Everyday is an absolute blessing and I'm treasuring every person I meet, experience I have, and word of Spanish I speak or listen. How lucky my life is.

homeres says:
awesome! hostels are fun environments!
Posted on: Mar 05, 2009
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Santa Teresa y Mal País - la cult…
Santa Teresa y Mal País - la cul…
Crazy hostel gang
Crazy hostel gang
JF & Israel - my favorite French-C…
JF & Israel - my favorite French-…
Early morning bonfire.
Early morning bonfire.
With boys :)
With boys :)
Puesto del sol.
Puesto del sol.
Mal Pais
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