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We started the morning late and decide to go out on an excursion alone. Xia Xia was working on her homework and we thought we would give her some time alone with her Mom.  We gathered up our dirty laundry and set off in search of a way to get it cleaned. We first tried the hotel next door. After a bit of pantomime they understood we wanted to get our clothes washed, and they called us a taxi and spoke to the driver. We got in, without a clue as to where we were going.  The driver dropped us off at another hotel on the main road. We went in and did our clothes washing routine again, this time with better results. They gave us a laundry list to fill out, complete with hotel prices (which we didn’t want to pay).

In the end we decided that it was either pay or wash it ourselves by hand- so we filled out the form. The bell boy then proceeded to take all of our dirty laundry out of the bag right there on the coffee table in the lounge and county every pair of underwear and sock! It was a bit embarrassing, but we were not surprised. We left the clothes, vowing to return at 6:30 to pick them up.

Next stop was the China Post, a post office  which doubles as a bank. We were again a bit confused, but eventually found the post office part and got stamps for our post cards. We glued them on with the rice glue (it looked just like the rice on the airplane) and dropped them into what we hoped was the right slot. Now off to the China Bank to withdraw some cash and then off to explore the town.

We boarded a bus and went back to the pedestrian shopping street and did some shopping. While there we text messaged with Xia Xia and discovered that she was leaving to go back to school at 5:30. We quickly bought her a gift of a wallet and a blouse, and then went back to say good by. Back at the apartment we once again ate with the family and gave Xia Xia her thank you gift. She seemed reluctant to open it. We had read that the custom was to not open gifts in front of the giver, so we were not surprised, but we were insistent.  We all left the apartment together. Xia Xia, with her Mom, Dad, books and clothes climbed on the family motor scooter and off they went. We got on a bus to collect our clean clothes. After recovering the clothes we went down to the beach and enjoyed the sunset and then worked our way to the seafood market area. Each open air restaurant had aquariums where the catch of the day lived on death row, waiting for their number to be called. Street venders balanced baskets of rambutans and sugar cane on their shoulder, while others expanded their collection of recyclables by snatching up plastic bottles and the like. Eventually we found the right bus, and headed back to the apartment. This is when we discovered that everything looks different at night. Our landmarks were gone, and we were very uncertain of which bus stop was ours. We took our best shot, and were lucky.

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photo by: Traveller_Gin