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Sudden trip with my Baby...Taking a flight from Surabaya to Manado and transitted in Ujung Pandang (Makasar). I really had no idea what my Baby planned cos he rarely plans something....gggggrrrrrr....Arriving very late at Manado airport...just like I guessed, he had no booked any room yet....gggggggrrrrrrr....Lucky there was  a good taxi driver offered us to stay at Travello. I was worried cos most taxi drivers really pissed me off just like we experienced in Banjarmasin and Balikpapan before....hhhhhiiiiiyyyyyaaaaa.

..Lucky the taxi driver wasn't that way and from him we got a rent motorcycle and a rent car tho the condition was poor...ahahahaha...Then I knew that my Baby's intention was to find Tarsius, the little monkey. Manado for me is a church and supermarket city cos there were a lot of churches and supermarkets there...hahahhaha... Before going to see Tarsius, he offered me to go to Tomohon where he heard there are flowers there. Pity there were not flowers but then again we were lucky to get a nice hotel with a nice view in front of the mountain. It was raining a lot on the way to 'Tomohon until we stayed for 2 nights there before going to Bitung cos again he heard that the Tarsius's in Bitung.
We also went to Lake Tondano and had lunch by the lake. Again I was very lucky cos I got information from the local people in Bitung when we had lunch there that the Tarsius can be found in Batu Putih on the National Forest. There are some in Bitung but only on a small zoo belong to a rich family there....mmmmmmmmmmm...No doubt, my Baby right away drove to the area with many times being lost just like when we went to Bitung from Tomohon cos the map wasn't good and we needed to ask local people many times. Maybe I was not a good co driver either...hahahaha....After arriving in Batu Putih, there was not a good resort so we had to stay on villagers' house that they rent for tourists. Actually there was a resort there but it had no staffs cos we needed to book first in Manado if we wanna stay there...ahahahhaha....We spent that afternoon on a fisherman's house and I cooked there.
The family was great. We went to the beach where I met this family cos I dislike staying at the small in. I wasn't ready for the forest trip cos I didn't bring my shoes so a bad impolite forest bee gave me a sting on my left thigh which was extremelly painful and I got my thigh swolen and painful and itchy for some days...uuuuggghhhhh..We went to the forest with a guide at 4.30 AM (it should eb at 4 AM but it was difficult to wake my Baby up before telling him that his little monkey friends are waiting....huhehehhehehe)...The most important thing was my Baby could see his little monkey friends after waiting on their sleeping tree tho after that I was scared to see malippi or mallipi or mallippi (I mean big worms...I don't know the right one...forgive my terrible English...) aaaaaaagggghhhhhhh....also a black monkey stared at me on his group and moved following me...uhuk uhuk....Anyway, we had a nice trip back to Manado and droped by to see the ancient cemetery they call 'Waruga'. What pleased me on the trip was I could eat fresh fish everyday..everyday...yummyyyyyyy

RH122 says:
Interesting Blog!
Wanna go to Manado. :)
Posted on: Aug 10, 2009
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