Holiday + Christmas (19 December 2008 - 5 Januari 2009)

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For Christmas I went over to Stephanie. After work I went over to Kings Cross. There I bought a train ticket to Huddersfield. £105,- Traintickets are freakin' expensive in England.

The first things we did was nothing and Christmas shopping (food and drinks).

On Monday the 22nd we went to the movies. We went and see "Transporter 3". I really enjoyed the film.

During the week we just chilled out. On Christmas eve Stephanies parents came by. Ate allot of food and played some games. Stephs parents had brought some presents. Steph got chocolate and a beautiful necklace. I got a card for HMV.

On the 1st Christmas day we did the rest of our presents. Stephanie got a shitload of chocolate. She got a teddybear from me. When Stephanie came to the Netherlands she tried to win one from a grabmachine. From Stephanie I got a dvd "Pathfinder".

On Sunday the 28th we went to the movies again. We went to see "Inkheart".

On Tuesday the 30st we went to Leeds. When we arrived we went to find a ATM machine so I could take out money. There something horrible happend. The machine swallod my card and started to reboot. I called the bank who owned the machine and the woman on the phone did not want to help. So horrible and so bad service. How could a bank just ignore someone who is basicly a tourist. I was so mad at that point. After this we went shopping. Not that I had money, but I did not want to ruin the day. I had the HMV card from Stephs parents so we went there. I love movies and I love buying them. I bought "Fantastic 4 (both films)", "The Goonies", "The Warriors" and "Die Hard 4.0". Steph also bought a couple of films: "The Matrix Triology" and "One missed call". Well my mood did not improve much after that so I end up ruining the day anyway. We went home. When I got home I needed the phonenumber of my bank. It was to late in the Netherlands, so I had to wait until the next day. The next day I called the bank and they offered to help me out. Also I had called my manager and he offered to help out to. It was not neccessery, because Steph helped me out.

During the rest of the week we stayed home and watched our movies, played allot of pool and ate allot of food.

On newyears eve we watched tv and waited until 12 ofcourse. On tv we watched the fireworks in London. A bit ironic because I could have been there.

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photo by: MisterJeep