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Well last monday I called my manager to ask if I could fly to the Netherlands for the weekend. He said: "Call the secretary and arrange it". So I did. I could choose between two flights. I thought at that time well as they are paying for it, I will take the cheapest of the two.

A couple of days later I got an email from the secretary that the Travel Department made a mistake and that the flight was fully booked, but I could still take the other flight. Well it was a good thing cause last Thursday a workmate of mine flew over and he was going home on Friday the 21st. Same day as me and now we had the same flight back :-) In the morning I tried to check in online, but halfway through I got kicked of the site. I decided to call them. The guy said that they where busy with te site, because allot of flights were cancelled. The wheater in the Netherlands was crap. Winds of 80 to 100 KM per hour (49.71 MPH to 62.14 MPH). The guy also said it was not certain that my flight would go. After about 20 minutes he said that the flight would go and that I had to check the site again after about 10 minutes. Well I did and got my boardingpass.

At arround 15:30 the IT manager asked me if I would like a beer. Well we went downstairs to the pub and had a quick one, cause the taxi would be their at 16:00. Arround 15:50 my workmate chased me down and we went in the taxi. The drive to Heathrow was alright. It was busy, but that's normal. We drove about 45 minutes.

At the airport we did the normal stuff. Customs and all that crap. Then we went to the departure board and allot of flights where cancelled to Amsterdam. Luckaly our flight would go, but not the flight I picked earlier this week, thank #&*@# that the Travel Department made a mistake.

We went on the plane 10 minutes after the normal boarding time and when we where in the plane we had to wait for about 25 minutes, cause the pilot had not got the clearance to take of. It was still crap wheater in Amsterdam.

Finaly we took off and we would be 1,5 hours later in Amsterdam then planned. Well we arrived at Schiphol and I bought my trainticket after that we went outside for a smoke and then we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways.

When I arrived at Rotterdam Central Station I heard that there where no trains that go to Vlaardingen. I thought "What the hell is this". I had to go to Schiedam and go on a bus. I thought.... "No way that I'm taking a bus". I went to Schiedam and got on the Metro to Vijfsluizen and from there I walked home. I was home arround 0:30, called my girlfriend and went to bed.
MisterJeep says:
The Wii is at my sisters and I took my ps3 with me.
Posted on: Feb 07, 2009
pimzwager says:
how was it being "home" again? taking your wii now? or your PS3?
Posted on: Nov 28, 2008
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