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Today was the day. I woke up at 3 at night. First I had a shower and then I got my last clothes out of the dryer and put them in my bag.

Around 4:30 my manager picked me up and we went to Schiphol. We were at Schiphol around 5:20 and we had loads of time to kill. I had to check in my bag and we went to customs. I had flown a couple of times last months and every time I had to get to the side so they could check if I had weapons or stuff. What they didn't know is that my hands are deadly weapons... My manager had to take of his shoes and go through the metal detectors.

After customs we went for a bit of shopping. My manager wanted to have something to read for the way back. He bought the book: 'How Starbucks saved my life.' I read the back and it sounds really like a good story. It's about a dude who is rich and loses his job and family and then he goes and start to work at Starbucks. For myself I needed some converter plugs, otherwise I couldn't use my phone charger and stuff. I bought a whole set. You never know where you are going.

At 6:55 we had to get on the plane and we went off. On the plane I tried to sleep, but that didn't work. We had a coffee onboard. We landed about 7:40 local time. We went to customs and after that I went and collected my bag. After that we went to the main hall.

Endemol had arranged a driver to bring us to Shepards Bush. The driver told us that he had been working a long time for TV companies. He knew quite some stuff about the buildings we passed.

Finally we came to the office and we went up to the reception. There was another colleague  from Holland an we had a chit chat. After a short time one of the people we went to meet came in the office. I could leave my bag at her office and than we went to the IT department to see some other people.

We had a meeting about some stuff like housing for me. After that we went to lunch with my new colleagues. We went to 'Pizza Express'. I had a lassagna. After that we went back to the office, but not before I checked in my hotel. I wanted to freshen up a bit. After that we went back to the office. It was a very long walk, got so tired, those were the 3 longest minutes of my life! hehe I'm in the Key West Hotel down the street from my office. It's a posh hotel and the room is quite nice.

At the end of the day I was so damn tired that I fell asleep when I hit the bed in the hotel.

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photo by: ulysses