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Forgot to mention that I had e mailed this David fella, the one I was going to meet and watch the cricket with, but I'd had no answer.  So, after setting my alarm for 6am and actually waking up at 5.30am with the noises alrady starting in the corridoor and out on the street, it was decision time - to either get up and try and find him around the ground if he wasn't going to be there, and if he wasn't there, did I really want to have to start trying to bu a ticket and have no idea where I was going? The answer was of course no, espeacially at it was looking like a sell out crowd - wimp!.  Couldn't go back to sleep so read for a while waiting for the 9am start. After waking up having missed the toss and the first over I ordered up breakfast and watched until about 11.30am when the power went off - again. Had a shower and wandered down to the bakery where I managed to make the coffee last for about an hour while I watched on their tv!  Lunchtime arrived along with hoards of 17-18 year olds obviously from the local school / college.  Had a group of young lads on the next table who kept looking at me and sniggering then looking around again one by one - little bit annoying! Don't know if it was me or the fact that we were getting thrashed in the cricket, i'll go with the latter...!  Left the bakery and headed back to the hotel in the hope that the power had returned, which it had, wished it hadn't as we lost. Again.

Decided that rather than lug my pack around town all day tomorrow waiting for the bus, I'd ask if I could stay in the room until 6pm, turns out that was ok, half the charge, sounded good to me!.  Had a quiet evening, ended up at the bakery for coffee and take out, I really ought to try more Indian food, just can't seem to have the enthusiasm for it though :/ It's ok, but the Indian food at home just seemed to have so much more flavour, don't know what to make of that ... ?

Back to the hotel with the take out, just in time for aBruce Willis film - great! Oh, almost forgot, must mention the Indian concept of queuing ... there isn't one!  At the bakery, I picked out what I wanted from the menu and stood behind and to the left of the only other person at the counter (you pay for your food then take a seat and wait for it), suddenlt I washed pushed aside by about 7 or 8 other people all waving their money around and shouting their orders over the counter, so, being the English gentleman that I am I stood aside and smiled sweetly until another cashier appeared and was immeditely mobbed by more people behind me - how rude! Got my order heard eventually and trundled off to the hotel.  Food was rubbish by the way, Club Sandwich without the meat but extra extra peppers - interesting.

Have just settled down for a read and had a call to say that the room would be full price even if I left at 6pm so it's up and about for me tomorrow, out by 10am. Bastards! Goodnight!


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photo by: peeyushmalhotra