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Another quiet day today, didn't bother with breakfast but had a lie in ubtil 10am! Decided to stump up for the room, too hot to be wandering around with my pack all die with an overnight bus journey ahead.  Begridgingly(?) got up, showered and went to the bakery for brunch then wandered off to check for e mails, nothing from the Mountain Ridge in Udaipur but got a confirmation from The Shalin in Jaisalmer - they are already pushing me to take up a camel trek! We shall see...! Back to the hotel to find out where the ATM is located then off for a siesa - doing that a lot these days.  Woke up and watched a film before going to the bank and internet again, checked the junk mail and found a confirmation from Piers at The Mountain ridge - whoo hoo!  He had given me the name of a rickshaw man to contact when i got there and told me that breakfast would be waiting for me - I love this place already!

So, 6pm and checkout time, left my pack at reception and went for a final wander around for an hour before heading off to the pick up point.  Found the little office with a couple of very disinterested men in there, finally got to hand them my ticket which he initialled and handed back then told me which bus was mine.  I wandered over and asked the driver if my pack really needed to go on the roof, aparently it did not - good!  There was a bit of a melee trying to get on the bus which of course I was pushed to the back of, same old, same old!  Eventually I clawed my way on board but had no idea where my berth was as it was pitch black in there and I could not read my ticket.  Found a young man who looked like he might know, he told me I was in berth T but neither of us could find it - here we go I thought, had I been ripped off? (sad how that thought is drummed into you before you even get to India :( )  He told me to take a seat while he went off and checked for me and came back looked confused, not good!  I had another look around and found a berth with a V then a T underneath so I asked him if this was it. "That's it" he saidwith a big smile so I climbed in, nice to have the lower level, or so I thought!  I got as comfortable as possible and drew the curtain acrooss, not the softest bed in the world and with my pack in there with me too it was a tricky job!  Then there was 10 minutes of people pushing past and opening the curtain and peering in. Great. Then we were off, noisily.  Did I really expect anything else other than the driver sounding his horn every 5 seconds?!  Had just settled down when we stopped to let more people on followed by 5 minutes of raised voices and ticket checking, wondered if they were going to tell me I had the wrong seat so pulled the headphones on and pretended to be asleep, seemed to work too!  We were off again and I managed to drift off until the end of the album.  I risked a peek out from the curtain and saw at least 6 people lying in the aisle, either they had overbooked the bus or maybe paople were trying to get more comfortable, looked like getting out for a pee was going to be difficult!  Sleep again for what seemed like 2 minutes before we stop, all the lights come on and the driver shouts something down the bus.  A mad rush ensues, toilet stop I think.  Of course, there was no way anyone was going to let me out as they all pushed forward from the back of the bus so I waited patiently for my gap to appear!.  Finally shuffled off and lit a ciggy and looked for the toilet.  This turned out to be a parked truck where the women went one side and the men the other, all in view of the road.  I joined the ranks and halfway through the driver starts revving the engine and sounding the horn, jeez that was a quick stop, used up most of it trying to get off the bus!  I managed to scramble to my berth as he was driving off, talk about impatient!

Had two more stops that I remember, got off on one but not the other.  Wanted to check the time on my phone but the battery was dead, again.  So then the mild nagging panic starts... does this bus terminate in Udaipur?  People had been getting off all the way through the trip, including thankfully the larger snoring woman outside my curtain.  I was lying there trying to work out what the driver was shouting at each stop and eventually drifted off only to be jolted awake by a man shouting outside my curtain.  I opened it up expecting I don't know what and saw a man sitting in the aisle shouting into his mobile phone, what an inconsiderate man!  Finally drifted off to sleep wondering if I would ever wake up in time...... goodnight



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photo by: peeyushmalhotra