Day 5 - Chilled

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Did not sleep again last night, there was some sort of party going on in the street around the corner, very loud Indian music ALL night!  Read my book until dawn and it was still going on! Must have drifted off as when I woke up it was peaceful again.  Just made it for breakfast then returned to bed to sleep until 2pm - oops!  Decided on another lazy day, wandered around near the hotel and found "The German Bakery" which I had read about in the LP Guide.  Had a coffee and a danish and wandered off again.  I managed to find the Osho Meditation Resort which I had again read about in the guide book and wanted to see for myself - fat chance!  As I wandered up the lane towards the resort, the view on either side of the road became more and more restricted as the walls or hedges became taller.  I reached the gates, one on each side of the lane, both were "guarded" by 2 young people each, all wearing the compulsory maroon robes .. all very secretive!  That was the closest I was likely to get to the place without paying the Rs1,000+ day fee, undergoing an HIV test and having to fork out for two robes, one maroon and one white, all that to go inside and "meditate", hmm, I'm still not sure why you need to have an HIV test for this, maybe there's more to it than meets the eye?! Still, it was a pleasant walk up a leafy lane on a sunny day, who needs to meditate - I was at peace with myself, even in a pair of shorts!  Wandered back toward the hotel and surfed the internet for a while passing a few of "the insiders" in their purple robes along the way, all of them acknowledging no-one and putting on an air of superiority ... sorry to anyone reading this that has attended Oso's place, but to me this was how it seemed from the outside and I don't think I was the only one who thought it around the place!  Back to the hotel for an afternoon nap then decided that I couldn't be bothered to go out for dinner and that I would eat in the hotel restaurant.  Food was ok but not brilliant and I was the only person in the restaurant the whole time.  To be honest I haven't been that impressed with the food so far, all ok but thought it would be tastier or more exciting that the curries from home, still, plenty of time.  Went off for another wander down the street and stopped for another coffee amongst the wannabe hippies, funny how they all seem extremely proud of the fact that they are being ripped off! Each to their own I guess!  Finished up and went back to the hotel for 11pm, book and bed - what a quiet day!  Time for an early night as tomorrow is another train day, have all day to kill before getting the train at 11.20pm for an overnighter, not looking forward to lugging my bag around all day again though .... Goodnight

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photo by: bhush2006