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So, here we go. I Spent all day yesterday in a bit of a daze.  I can't explain why I felt so nervous all day but apparently it showed, I spent all day pacing around and bolting to the loo!  I was going to try and stay up until 3am when it was time to leave but tiredness took over and I went to bed for an hour.  Then it was up, showered and dressed and off to Gloucester bus station for the 4am coach to Heathrow.  Made it there and had time for a couple of (nervous) ciggy's before saying goodbye to Dad who had driven me over and had done a great job of calming me down - thanks Dad!  The coach was comfortable, slept all the way up the M4 and got to T3 at Heathrow at 6.45am. Another quick ciggy and off to check in.  A painless excercise, I even managed to separate my day pack without looking like the complete amateur that i felt!  Ok, Heathrow Airport - a vast shopping precint that occasionally sell flights!  My God, there must be hundreds of expensive clothes and jewellery shops there!  Had a toasted breakfast bun from one of the many outlets for that sort of thing, not recommended, should have shopped around .... followed by the inevitable trip to the loo.  8.35am and time to board, a quick text home and onto the plane (Jet Airways) Very very nice! Big seats, loads of leg room, personal TV and no-one sat next to me - perfect! We didn't seem to be moving anywhere for a long while until the Captain announced that we had a "technical fault" - oh s*#t!, then before much longer, we were up and away - oh s*#t again, I thought he'd just said that we had a problem ...! (Can you tell that I'm not the world's most comfortable frequent flyer?!)  No need to have worried, the flight was nice and smooth.  Curry for brunch and also for tea - giving rise to the 35,000 feet trip to the loo - oh joy!  My sincere apologies for those people i kept waiting .. and waiting :-/.  Managed to watch two movies (The Dark Knight is pants by the way)and landed at 1.30am local time.  Now was the bit that I think had caused my anxiety, how many times would I be ripped off or mugged trying to get out of the airport?!  But no! went a smooth as silk, changed my sterling cash to rupees (forgot to check the exchange rate in my excitement!) Managed to shake off the insistent man who was trying to get me to book a private car and found the "pre-pay taxi booth - Rs380 for the half hour or so trip - bargain! - until I saw the taxi, oh my God, it must have been about 40 years old, the driver at least double that, white beard, white turban, just like I'd imagined it. I showed him my ticket and he had to physically remove it from my grip (had been warned not to give up your ticket as they are liable to charge extra at your destination) to show the man on the gate - oops, he gave it back eventually.  Just time for a quick ciggy before we set off - tried not to laugh, I thought I might have to push it!  Apparently it's ok to drive in whichever lane you wish as long as your horn works and to prove it works you have to sound it every 2 seconds regardless of what is around you, maybe it's because they drive at night with no lights on? Jeez, was almost as scary as flying!  Arrived at my pre booked hotel in one piece and checked in.  Was given a guided tour of the room (for a tip), very clean and comfortable although no ashtray... thank goodness for the mini bar, drink the beer and use the empty tin as the ashtray!  Tried to text home, no luck with the UK "roaming sim card - no surprise there. 

So there is day 1 / 2, I survived! Time for bed now, curry for breakfast, yummy :-), just maybe one more celebratory beer.....

oldschoolbill says:
Too Funny really liked the horn part!!
Posted on: May 04, 2009
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