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Last night was a pretty crazy time here in the States but it was nothing compared to the things I would talk about with my 8 year old students this morning.  Out of the mouths of babes:  "Why would anybody want to elect a 'baby-killer'?"  "Now my parents will have to move to a smaller house."  "Yeah?  Well my mom will need to get another job to pay the taxes."  Please let me remind you these are children of eight years!  Eight! 

How is it these people were able to figure out reproduction (some of them several times) but are too bigoted to try a new course of action?  it's bad enough I had to listen to my co-workers (theoretically educated people) whine about the travesties of the Obama campaign but to try and diffuse the comments and racial slurs of my students has really put me in a foul mood these last few days.  Really, I can't think of better excerises in our core principles than to have conversations about how it is not the end of our world but hopefully the beginning of positive changes.  Am I being naive?  I don't think so.

Then I begin to wonder why?  Why does the world seemly approve of our new President Elect?  I know I voted for him because I'm tired of seeing yet another WASP dabble in matters he clearly knows nothing about.  I'm tired of the perpetuation of prejudice for people I know and love.  Maybe it's that I believe it is more likely that Obama could have witnessed suppression and can therefore counter it.  I'm tired of trying to reconcile the idea of being a world citizen and an American...almost as if the two cannot possibly coexist.  Maybe I'm hoping the fact that his father is Kenyan will help create an understanding that there are variances in opinions, religions, philosophies and mindsets that create a much better picture than my single vantage point...that the world is bigger than just my town here in Anywhere, USA.

Perhaps these are the views that are shared or maybe I'm just completely missing the mark.  My vision could be clouded with the disdain I have for the current administration and the loathing I feel when I think he is our representative to the world.   Maybe I really have no idea what in the world I'm fighting against/for because I am a part of those very things I abhor.  I truly hope not. 

Adrian_Liston says:
I think that is one of the best things about Obama, the ability to see issues from multiple angles and make a more thoughtful and subtle decision. Like you, I hope this rubs off on the broader public :)

Having had to face discrimination while growing up has also hopefully given him a sense of compassion for the underdog that is missing in those Presidents growing up with a silver spoon in their mouth.
Posted on: Jun 30, 2009
highway_chile says:
I like what you said about Obama countering suppression. I've been reading Dreams of my Father and he discusses a lot about the suppression he has witnessed. I was reading it in a math class I was subbing one day (gotta love the worksheets:) and I got a lot of mixed comments from students..and as much as I hate to admit it, they were pretty much racially divided (positive remarks from blacks and neg from whites). I wanted to have a discussion with the kids about it, but I feared the repercussions I (a sub) may receive from the parents/regular teacher/administrator. I will say, however, the middle school help a mock election and Obama won decisively there as well. I'm glad to see you voted for him. He has talked a great game and thus far he has really upheld what I like to call "common sense." It seems most politicians are missing that and somehow I get the feeling he isn't just another ploitician... Did you know he has begun his weekly radio addresses via youtube?!
Posted on: Jan 02, 2009
poorogies says:
It's not that I think his race is going to make him a better leader just that we, as a national whole, are taking strides to become that: a whole. And not in any lunatic socialist way...more of a calm appraising view like way.

My rantings are more the reaction to many a disappointing conversation that I had originally thought went by the wayside long ago. At least that was my hope.
Posted on: Nov 09, 2008
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