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Paddy Field - Sekinchan
I want to write about sekinchan - which is about 30KM way from Selangor travel guide">Kuala Selangor, but there is no valid location available on this web site to attach to this blog, so I have to pick Kuala Selangor.

Sekinchan - is a place when I lived and grew up in my first 17 years. We lived in the peaceful little village by the finishing harbour where majority of villagers are fishermen. The little town used to be called ~RED HAIR HARBOUR 60-70 years ago, this was because there were lot's of british armies occupied the villages during WW2and the villagers called these white people "RED HAIR".

On the othere side of the road, there are a few villages - Site B, C and Site A, the town was divided into different villages by British goverment during WW2 to remove communism.
Paddy Field - Sekinchan

It is well known for its mechanised farming methods and high yield of rice - so it is classified as one of the main rice bowl of Selangor state.
To get there, take the bus at Pudu Raya Bus station in Kuala Lumpur. The journey is about 2 hours, 1.5 hour if you drive (Exit Sg.Buluh to Kuala Selangor direction), alternatively you could take Klang - Kuala Selangor direction as well.

A great place to stay - near to center (which is rather small) and a short walk to the paddy field or fishing village is harbour View Hotel, you can see it as you arrive at the Junction of Sekinchan. It's a 2-star hotel at very low price (68-118 RM whcih convert to 15-25 Euro per room per night).

what to do there?
1. You can go to any seafood restaurant in the fishing village and enjoy your meal there! There are also some seafood restaurant near to Market area which is also good.
Neighbour's house next to harbour- Sekinchan

2. before harvesting period (don't remember when :), go the paddy field and take some good photo there!
3. You could visit the fishing village, see the life of fishermen when they come back with full load (fishes) on the boat, or buy the fish directly from the fish mongo.
4. Fruits - famous for sweetcorn (all alonng the main road) - you will see it, magoes and 'Gold Lady' which is a sweet melon that taste a bit like honeydew.

As I continue searching for other's comment about my hometown, I found this blog that described prefectly life in the fishing village and it reminds me so much about my childhood life - each day I went to the harbour with my family to see my dad's return from fishing and swimming in the pretty nasty water :)... for some reasons I missed those time when life was pretty hard.... it also make me appreciate a lot the present.

bugsfree says:
I havent taken bus since 15 year ago lol, but I did remember last time they stop right in front of police station which is just in front of the hotel. easiest way wihtout a car, i dont recommend, you can still go with either motorbite or bicycle. good luck!
Posted on: Feb 23, 2012
hariyonghu says:
Hi Bugsfree, may I know is it easy to travel around Sekinchan if I'm not driving? Would the Pudu Raya bus bring me straight to Sekinchan or the hotel? Many thanks!
Posted on: Aug 22, 2011
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Paddy Field - Sekinchan
Paddy Field - Sekinchan
Paddy Field - Sekinchan
Paddy Field - Sekinchan
Neighbours house next to harbour-…
Neighbour's house next to harbour…
The rice field - harvesting
The rice field - harvesting
The fishing village - 50 m from my…
The fishing village - 50 m from m…
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