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Standley Chasm

Another tour we did consisted of Standley Chasm which is this enormous yet quite incredibly skinny gap between 2 rocks which reach up metres & metres in the was once (millions of years ago) filled with lava but that has eroded away, leaving this unusual gap between 2 rocks.  You go for about a 15 minute walk to get there but it is a lovely walk through the bush.  Lots of different plant life & trees. 

Simpsons Gap is another huuuuuuge gap in between mountains almost...but the mountains are all rock, you dont get many trees on the mountains in the Northern Territory.  My camera battery started going dead here so i didnt risk taking any photos, despite its beauty, i wanted to save them for the remainder of the day : (

Ormiston Gorge was just amazing.

"Ormiston Gorge" this gorge is generally filled with water, however Australia is suffering severely with the drought. This is the most beautiful gorge i have ever seen
  We walked about 300 metres in to this gorge, & it is normally filled with water.  The first section was this waterhole, & i thought that was it, but then you keep walking up the gorge (which should be filled with water) and it seems like it goes on forever.  You are rock hopping the entire way which makes it more fun.  The rivers in the Northern Territory generally look dry (and are dry!), however they are actually running metres beneath the surface.  if you dig about 10 cms under the top layer of sand you will see wet sand beneath.

 We also went to a place called "Ellory big Hole" which is a gorgeous fresh water hole with huge rocks on both sides.  your skin looks yellow under the water but this is because of the freshness.

"Ellory Big Hole"....incredible fresh water creek and you can swim to the other side and get out and start walking through the bushO
   On another part of the tour we saw the Oche pits which is different colours of rock (generally brown/red, yellow & white) which the aboriginies paint their skin with.  My  mum got picked to be painted with "oche"...the guides drew a kangaroo on her arm!  The Aboriginies used to sometimes use it to keep the moisture in their skin so they didnt dehydrate.  Our wonderful guides filled us in with all sorts of interesting facts & knowledge over the day.

My personal favourite was Ormiston Gorge....but Ellory Big Hole was just what we needed to cool down after a hot day walking in the bush!!

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Standley Chasm
Standley Chasm
Ormiston Gorge  this gorge is ge…
"Ormiston Gorge" this gorge is g…
Ellory Big Hole....incredible fr…
"Ellory Big Hole"....incredible f…
the start of Ormiston Gorge
the start of Ormiston Gorge