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Sunrise Hot Air Balloon tour over the MacDonnell Ranges, which are the ranges running all through the Northern Territory. Magical experience

We woke up at the crack of dawn to go out on a hot air balloon.  We were very fortunate as it was almost too windy to go.  There were 2 elderly german couples in the same basket as us which i will never forget.   It was soo serene & peaceful from up there.  I cant even really begin to describe it but recommend it to anybody - even if you are scared of heights - you are travelling so slowly you hardly even notice how high you really are.  The ride started off in darkness but ended in complete sunshine.  The sunrise was absolutely stunning and it was the first Northern Territory sunrise i ever experienced.  Whatta beauty.  As we were landing the driver told us all to bend our knees for safety reasons and the germans were saying (i have NO idea how to spell this or even say it correctly!)  "Loka-in-de-hoof-deh"  which i believe means bend the knees or something similar???  I would very much appreciate anyone who can speak german to correct me here please!  we were trying to say it and they just couldnt stop laughing which made us laugh even more.

the magical sunrise we were lucky enough to experience while on the hot air baloon
  they couldnt even speak english but we had a conversation (sort of) with them afterwards.  its amazing what body language actually does & blows my mind how you can understand someone speaking a completely different language to you!  The hot air balloon ride went for about half an hour then we continued on to enjoy a 3 course champange breakfast in the middle of the bush.  I havent dranken that early in the morning for a loooong time!  definately got a little bit tiddly!  It gave us a chance to speak to all the other tourists and see where they were all here from.  Amazing morning.

We finished the afternoon off by going to the Desert Park in Alice Springs, which you must-see to get an idea of all the animals living in the outback!  I was even surprised at how many there were!  Plenty of Australian animals in the natural habitats with lots of info.

an owl at Desert Park which comes back each day for the show!
  Reptiles, birds, marsupials...the LOT!  They have this fascinating short documentary on a big screen which informs you about how Australia got here & advises of the inland sea which used to cover the majority of Australia.  I learnt things in this movie they didnt even teach me at school!  So incredibly fascinating!  How we are all sooo young compared to this wonderful Earth!

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Sunrise Hot Air Balloon tour over …
Sunrise Hot Air Balloon tour over…
the magical sunrise we were lucky …
the magical sunrise we were lucky…
an owl at Desert Park which comes …
an owl at Desert Park which comes…
just catchin the sunrise
just catchin the sunrise
Alice Springs
photo by: WandaMichelle