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Besides, the weather is actually quite miserable, as I'm experiencing my first days of spotty rain and overcast skies in weeks. I actually like cold weather but here it's super muggy and sticky, though the ocean still looks lovely. People aren't kidding when they talk about the pebbly beaches, except the pebbles are more like rocks the size of my fists. It's really kind of neat to see the thousands and thousands of rocks stretching along the coastline like any other beach.

So far I haven't found the city itself so great. There's a ton of construction going on and I'm a bit far from the beach and the pretty old part of town. I stopped by both yesterday but find that relatively short distances in this mugginess seem like much longer, and haven't quite had time to work out the bus system yet. I do know that bus #10 stops somewhere near my place but don't quite know where to catch it if I want to get on. I'm staying on my own in a budget hotel so I can sleep, knowing I booked hostels for the next several weeks of my trip. Beyond the next 5 days or so, when I'm not sure where I'll be, I have the rest of my itinerary set until I meet up with RuiRui and Manali in Amsterdam.

It goes like this:

Munich April 17 - 20, Vienna April 20 - 21, Prague April 21 - 25, Berlin April 25 - 28, Hamburg April 28 - 29

I know I haven't seen Nice at its best, so all I guess that means is I'll have to return! Tomorrow I'm hoping to do a half day trip to neighboring Monaco, Antibes, Cannes, Eze.

In more postive news, I washed my clothes today, have a working television in my room, and met an Australian-Singaporean couple who told me about a new airline called Tiger Airways that sells super cheap flights from Singapore to Australia. I might just make it there yet! I looked it up and the flights cost less than 250USD round trip. The only thing is the airline flies solely to Perth (on the West coast of Australia, about 5 hours flight from Melbourne and even further to Sydney), and it'll already be winter by the time I visit. Still a possibility though . . . it's way closer from Singapore than the US, that's for sure. The other places I'm debating from Singapore include Malaysia, Vietnam, Bali, Cambodia, the Philippines, and Thailand.

Also in Nice I've had two extremely enjoyable meals with old people as restaurant-companions. I really like old people. At the first restaurant, which was recommended in my Let's Go Europe Guide (those folks really know what they're talking about), it was super cute 'cause all the old couples would come eat and then be like "see you tuesday!" or something similar to the owner-lady/server.

In Let's Go it also mentioned certain areas of Nice aren't terribly safe after dark, such as near the train station, and they are so right. While my hotel itself was very secure and located right across from an internet café and a laundromat, the area was decidedly shady. Most of the restaurant and business signs are in flashing neon and sandwiched between signs that read "sex sex sex" or something similar. It was totally weird too 'cause my room received absolutely no natural light, and 6:30 am seemed exactly like 11:30 am. I changed locations after two nights and plan to stay in Nice for four total, then will probably move on to somewhere in Provence (Aix-en-Provence most likely? Marseilles is too big, as I've found it usually takes me about a day or two to acclimatize myself to a big city. I much prefer small towns for shorter stays, and I'll probably only be there for 1 night).

In any case, I still have another full day here and look forward to seeing what it will bring. Thanks for reading and, once again, have a great night.

P.S. I'm getting really fat and found that people who said I'd walk it all off have no idea how much I can actually eat.

P.P.S. I ate this incredibly delicious gelato yesterday, which was chocolate pimento flavored. Spicy! Yum.


goodfarmerchen says:
Hehee yes you're so right! And I also have an intense newfound love for the smell of detergent : )
Posted on: Apr 16, 2007
worldcitizen says:
I noticed in Southern France that it can go from nice to shady pretty quickly. It's funny that you listed washing your clothes under "positive news"... you can never underestimate the happiness a suitcase of clean clothes will bring when you are traveling for a long time!
Posted on: Apr 14, 2007
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