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So it's my second morning in London and Warren and I are heading over to some farmer's market type thing to get some fresh produce and food. I arrived yesterday morning at London Gatwick and took the Gatwick Express to Victoria Station, met some girl from Boston who's studying in Madrid on the train. Since I hadn't thought to look up directions from the station before I got here, I jumped in a taxi and asked the driver to take me to Warren's address, at which point he promptly told me it was around the corner and I should probably get out and walk heheehe. . . so I did.

Luckily Warren's roommate was just exiting their building as I came in so he was able to let me in and call Warren (whose number I also forgot to get before I came - clearly, I was very prepared). They live in a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom flat right across from Victoria Station, and it is so awesome! Probably the nicest place I'll stay this whole trip. It's down the street from Buckingham Palace, which I visited later in the day (honestly not that exciting, though I took a picture of a small guard who looked like a kid in costume, and saw some white horses)

Other stuff I did:

*Saw the London Eye, Big Ben
*Visited the National Gallery, a Dali and Picasso exhibit at the County Hall, tried to go to the Royal Academy of Arts
*Bought some lovely little green tea and cherry mochi cakes at a Japanese shop on Piccaddilly
*Took a picture of 3 kids at their request, probably around 9 or 10 years old, and smoking like chimneys
*Fell asleep gripping a bottle of lemon lime water at some random cafe (was SO tired by the afternoon. think it was like 7 or 8 in the morning back in CA)
*Sat for a while in Trafalgar Square
*Visited Piccadilly Circus
*Ate Meditteranean food for lunch (and found out things are crazy expensive here - mixed drinks are easily like 15 USD, and my lunch, consisting just of an appetizer and a mocha, cost 16 USD! cuhhrazy. i'm sure there are cheaper places though)
*Ate dinner with Warren and his friends at Benja, some new Thai place with a yummmm Mussamun near a famous street starting with C whose name I can't remember
*Got tea and dessert at a teeny tiny Brazilian restaurant down the street
*Got drinks with more of his friends at Meza
*Walked for many miles during the day, but got to ride the Tube and my first ever double decker bus later that night
*Found out rain looks like snow when the camera flashes on it

All in all, a super fun day, and I've decided I like London. K off to the market!

Oh and PS we might try to go see Avenue Q. Hooray!

etran says:
I think I will be needing a clarification on the cast of characters!
Posted on: Jun 11, 2007
chunkielove says:
Wow! You sure have gotten a lot of things done already. Don't forget to hit up more free museums (V&A, Natural History, Natural Science). Catch a play at The Globe? The US (and your monkey) miss you!
Posted on: Mar 04, 2007
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