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So I woke up this morning with a well-oiled plan to leave my luggage at the hostel, pick up my passport and new visa at the Vietnam consulate, then head to the bus station for Siem Reap. I had detailed Bangkok-Siem Reap transport instructions, a small pack full of a few days' necessities, passport-sized photos for Cambodian immigration, and accomodation options all ready to go. Only problem? I forgot that it's SATURDAY . . . and therefore the consulate is closed!!!

Booooo, me. So now I've no option but to stay in Thailand until my departure for Hanoi on the 25th. I'm deciding whether to stay in Bangkok (surprisingly, I'm really starting to like it -- much better impression than the first time around, probably because Jean and I had so little time to settle in and enjoy the city), or find somewhere close enough to warrant the return journey over the next few days. Earliest I can pick up my passport is the 23rd, but if I leave the city I can get it on the 24th, then stay a last night in Bangkok before my flight.

I've been here for 3 days so far, having arrived from Singapore on July 18th. An interesting mix of eating, shopping, riding river ferries, and visiting cultural sites has filled my days, though I haven't taken as many pictures as usual, either here or in Singapore. Since my last update from Guilin, I've visited several places and will make an effort to add those entries soon. I think the lack of updates annoys my mom, who can finally reach me now that my phone's operating again. It stopped working for about 2 and a half weeks in China.


There are roaches crawling on my desk at the internet cafe.

Most places seem remarkably clean, though I myself have been quite smelly and sticky. Apologies to all those who've had to smell me. I wash, I swear!

I'm really afraid of Japanese encephylitis.

The new Harry Potter's out today. Thai wizards wander the halls in many many malls.

In Singapore, I met a Brazilian who knew about the frog that has newly born tadpoles crawl out of its back after the eggs hatch. SO gross. That documentary's probably one of my most distinct childhood memories. He's also seen flies that lay eggs under people's skin and eventually fly out of little bumpy holes on their bodies. His dad's an eye doctor and had to operate on people who had this happen to them in or near their eyes. Ack.

I hate things with little bumps and holes.

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photo by: Deats