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I wouldn´t mind living in Alcazar at all. It´s by far the prettiest palace I´ve seen so far, and there´s all these intricate carvings and arches and pools and balconies overlooking gardens that are perfect for serenading or yearning romantically whilst bathed in star or moon or sunlight. Besides the beautiful architecture, the gardens are so so pretty - all fountains and orange trees and stuff. Literally, doves were cooing in the trees . . .

Earlier I also went to see Sevilla´s Catedral, which is the other major site here. It was nice, pretty much another cathedral (albeit a grand one). I arrived in Sevilla yesterday and am staying at Oasis Backpacker´s Hostel, which for some reason was really hard for me to find. They just moved to a new location, so everything´s really clean, and the ceilings are super high. I like it a lot, am sharing a room and bathroom with 7 other folks - 1 Australian, 5 Americans, 1 German - most of whom leave today.

Last night the hostel hosted a 3-course Italian-style dinner with unlimited sangria for only 6 Euros each - muy bueno. Afterwards, we hung out in the kitchen and talked to two girls who randomly met in Barcelona and have been traveling together since. They´re heading out to eat and watch flamenco tonight, so I´m hoping to meet up with them - heard the flamenco in Sevilla is amazing.

I´m trying to learn some Spanish, bought a phrase book and am fine with deciphering written materials, just can´t understand anything when people talk. I say "gracias", "perdon" and "por favor" a lot though, as well as "Cruzcampo" : )

Spent a lot of time yesterday trying to find a plug adapter and battery charger that would be compatible with my brother´s camera battery. I left the extra battery, charger, and universal adapter plugged into Warren´s wall. Boo me. I finally found one, but it´s humongous, I´m not quite sure it´s working, and I think I just gave away the new adapter I found after hours of searching (leant it to a girl in my room and forgot to ask for it back - they left in a hurry this morning to catch the train). Least I know where I can buy another one now! Frickin expensive.

Tomorrow I´m heading by bus to Cordoba, spending 2 nights there, then going to Granada for another 2. One of my roommates is visiting his brother in Granada, so it´ll be nice to already know someone there. Last night he, 2 of the American girls, and I all went across the river and found some random club where they played all hip hop. Almost all the places here play house, so it was a nice change of pace, super fun, though my bladder almost burst on the way home ´cause I needed to pee so bad (why hello world) - luckily we made it back in time, though. It would´ve been a pain to wash my jeans that time of night. That is all I have for now. Have a good day. ¡A tu salud!



maleny says:
hello!!nice to meet u!
Posted on: Mar 22, 2007
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