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In Rome we visited the Colosseum, the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, and St. Peter's Basilica. Again, Italian "Culture Week" thrilled us with its free entrance fees, and we enjoyed taking silly pictures and striking victory poses all over Rome.

At the Colosseum, we took pictures for a group of three super cute middle-aged women, old friends traveling together from the US who were constantly laughing and making jokes. When we took the picture, they all yelled out "Fromaggi!" in a terrible accent, something like "FRO-mah-JEEEE", then almost fell over laughing. I wonder what my friends and I will be like in 20 years . . . hopefully still having as much fun as those ladies : )

Though we had a good time in Rome, our hotel room did constantly smell of mildew, and Joann's allergies acted up whenever we approached the Colosseum (which we semi-visited twice). We still don't know what she was allergic to, but maybe it was to ancient sites of violent entertainment.

Food-wise, we sampled a lot more gelato, and a scoop near St. Peter's claimed Joann's title of Best Gelato Ever. For our last dinner in Rome, we grabbed food to go from a restaurant near our hotel, then realized they'd forgotten one of the dishes. When Joann and Lizzie returned to pick it up, the restaurant owners apologized for the oversight by making us a free heart-shaped pizza in addition to our meal - fun! It turned out really gross looking in pictures, but the real thing was quite impressive.

Since the morning train didn't leave early enough to catch my flight, I took the last train to the airport and spent the night there. The wait wasn't actually so bad, and I finished a couple novels and got bitten by some bugs before boarding the plane. Though Joann and Lizzie left five hours later, I ended up in Athens around the same time due to my layover in Munich. Without leaving the airport, we then hopped on another flight to begin our 5 night stay on Santorini.

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photo by: vulindlela