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I stayed in Edinburgh for only 2 nights but had the most awesome time ever. Those 2 nights marked many firsts, among them the first time I stayed in a hostel, the first time I ate haggis, and the first time I hung out with Danish high school students. It also marked the loss of my only sweater.

I visited the Edinburgh Castle, the Palace of Holyroodhouse (which seemed like it´d be super dreary to live in but had so much fascinating history, including all the Mary Queen of Scots stuff), a couple random places like John Knox´s house and the Scottish Parliament building, and took a full-day tour to Loch Lomond and Loch Ness. Scotland is absolutely beautiful, and even though it was raining pretty much our entire tour, the out-the-window views were pretty awesome. We maybe spent a little too much time in the van, but our guide was so friendly and knowledgeable and our tour group of 6 all got along really well. The entire tour was from 8 am - 7 pm, so very much a full day.

I missed a lot of the tour commentary because I was sleeping, having literally not slept the first night I was in Edinburgh. I stayed at a place called St. Christopher´s Inn, a hostel located right above Belushi´s Bar and super conveniently around the corner from the train station.

The first night I was there a group of around 20 Danish high school students was also staying there. They were from a music class, and apparently all Danish high school students leave the country for a full week at some point to learn about another country´s culture and stuff. Very cool. I would´ve loved to do that while in high school. There was one crazy point when they were all singing and playing guitar in the hostel´s ´chillout room´, and I took a brief video of us all singing along to their rendition of ¨Wonderwall¨by Oasis - not something I ever expected to see in Scotland : )

I actually knew immediately upon check-in that I´d love this hostel, since they told me that night was KARAOKE night in the bar! Yessss. How could I possibly not have a good time after that? Heard lots of old rock songs and an Italian dude singing Hotel California and sang Eternal Flame myself. The hostel staff is so much fun - a couple of them live in the building and most seem to be Australian.

During the 3 days I was there, I didn´t shower once. Roman emperors would have been totally disgusted hehee, but I felt it was way too cold and too much trouble, particularly since I was heading back to London at the end of those 3 days. Apologies to Warren for, as he claims, ¨stinking up his shower.¨

As a last note, there were several guys from Belfast there for St. Patrick´s day weekend, who were hilarious and drinking (of all things) Corona. I saw them Friday night at 5 am, then at 10 the next morning while I was checking out, they were already setting out to drink again! Insane. AND they were wearing green shorts and these plastic bare butt cheeks hahaha. K anyway, I may add more for Scotland entry later, but this seems pretty long already. Goodbye.


etran says:
Good lord! Every country should follow Denmark's lead. That's awesome.

Yeah. Even with all of the great beer available, it seemed like everyone in Munich drank Budweiser. Go figure.
Posted on: Jun 11, 2007
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