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Waiting for my clothes to dry before heading off for Dublin. It's only been a week and I'm already a teensy bit tired of wearing the same clothes allll the time. Every day I either wear a blue t-shirt and jeans, or else a green button down shirt with a white long sleeve under it and jeans. The jacket I brought has come in super handy, though, and I'm glad I brought it though it may be pretty space-consuming later in the journey. Also, the lack of options does minimize getting-ready time, which is nice. Interestingly enough, my socks smell funny now that i've washed them, sorta like burnt barbeque - is that normal?

So it's been a fun few weekdays in London, and I'm looking forward to this weekend in Dublin. I'll be staying with Erica, who's in med school there, and also seeing some old Google friends. Erica's brother is flying in all the way from Philadelphia! Warren and his friends are coming, too.

In the past few days, I've:

* Visited the Tate Modern, the British Museum, the National Portrait Gallery, and the Natural History Museum. Taken some good pictures of dinosaur bones, been reminded of Great Britain's colonial exploits, seen lots of cool art and random objects described as "art".

- One thing really neat at the Tate Modern, they have a new initiative where they invite musicians to come in and choose a piece that inspires them, then create a song about it. The museum sets up a listening station next to the piece so that visitors can hear them. They're called Tate Tracks and there were only 2 at the time I went ( - the tracks themselves were only all right, but I found the idea really interesting.

- Also, this museum reconfirmed that I am not a fan of Francis Bacon, Jackson Pollock, or any artist who says a sink on the wall is art just because he says so. I do, though, still love Picasso (even his ceramics!) and think Mr. Giacommetti does beautiful beautiful work.

* Walked past the Globe Theatre, National Theatre, Tower of London, Parliament building, Westminster Abbey. Took lots of pictures.

* Drunk really tart cider in a pub and had tea in a patisserie (haven't partaken in an official "tea" but figured this was close enough)

* Eaten fish and chips and Indian food. The fish and chips were at a place called Seafresh, and the pieces of fish were ridiculously big. I shared a combo platter with Rob On, who used to be Julia T's roomie back in the Bay (more random connections), and the platter included all kinds of stuff from plaice to cod to skate and a humongo prawn. We also ate mushy peas, which are exactly what you'd expect from their name, but much brighter green (in a good way). Very yummy. Also got lucky 'cause Warren's friend Anna is half Greek and will be sending tips for our trip there in May!

* Watched Wicked for the second time. Got matinee tickets on Wednesday before heading to the Natural History Museum. The woman who played Elphaba was amazing, and I forgot how funny and satirical it was. Muy interresante. I'm gonna try and see more shows before I leave (maybe one on Monday night after getting back from Dublin)

* Watched a modern dance performance at the Southbank Centre. Warren's friend works in marketing there and got us free tickets to a show called Faultline/Exit No Exit by the Shobana Jeyasingh Dance Company. The performers were super talented and some interesting stuff went on, but I was very very sleepy and kept nodding off. I tried really hard to stay awake though! Think I bruised my arm from all the pinching heh.

* Enjoyed a feast of homemade fake fried chicken (actually chicken, but not actually fried), roasted new potatoes, sweet potatoes, and bruschetta - made by another of Warren's friends Yuri, who coincidentally lived with a guy from my high school in college. She also travelled a while on her own right when she graduated so that was fun to talk about.

* Walked through Harrod's, which is really just a department store with a super amazing food hall. They had everything you could think of to take back home with you and also food counters where you could eat cooked foods and raw seafood - oh, which reminds me, I saw a block of "back fat" in the deli section here, which was really literally a block of fat which you could buy pounds of. I guess for sandwiches? Gross. But I actually ate a sandwich with "back bacon" in it which didn't look too different hehee.

* Eaten lunch at the Google UK office (I know I know, but it was fun and free!). The selection was pretty good and they happened to have a chocolate fountain the day I went, yessss. I also snagged some McVittie's baked cheddar crackers and Divine brand dark chocolate for snacking on later. Many thanks to Matt for hosting.


I'll be back in London for a couple days next week, then off to Scotland where I've booked a hostel right in the middle of Edinburgh. You know they only allow you to carry 1 bag total including purses/handbags on the planes at Gatwick? Puts a significant kink in my plans for all-carry-on but I haven't checked the rules from Heathrow. Anyway, will try to post pictures soon and update to current times (wrote this right before I left on Friday but forgot to publish - it's already Sunday now :P ). K bye!

etran says:
Or stuff like Dan Flavin's diagnols of May something rather! My goodness, man. It's just a crooked light.
Posted on: Jun 11, 2007
goodfarmerchen says:
hi dodge! yeah definitely send the pictures and actually my socks don't smell anymore now that they've completely dried hehee. i was gonna eat some shortbread in scotland (where i am now) but haven't gotten around to it yet. k talk to you soon, byeyyyee
Posted on: Mar 16, 2007
mommyshirley says:
hi hi! guess what? there is a person who is called "dodge" on this travbuddy thing...treat yourself and get some new socks!!! ;) oh yeah, also you can research for your business idea globally hey hey! sounds like so much fun! miss u yesh...gavin and gino say hello! will send you pix...
Posted on: Mar 14, 2007
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