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Hello all,

I'm now on the island of Naxos, one of the Cyclades islands in Greece. I arrived here two nights ago, taking a three hour, very rainy ferry ride here from Athens. The ferry was quite nice with roomy airplane-style seats and two snack bars. Joann, Lizzie, and Jenlui left for the airport that same morning - Joann and Lizzie heading back to the States, and Jenlui to London. It's a bit strange being on my own again, considering I've spent a little over a month in the company of friends. Traveling in a group makes so many small things easier. For example, I'm now officially sunburnt because I missed several areas of my back while applying sunscreen yesterday. My plan for Naxos is to relax and get organized for Asia, where I'm heading in just another two days.

On Naxos I'm staying at a lovely little place called the Windmill Naxos, where my very own room with a/c, cable TV, bathroom, refrigerator and hotplate costs only 18 euros a night. The owner George even picked me and another couple up from the port when we arrived, giving each of us a bottle of white Greek wine as a surprise gift. Yay : )

Yesterday all I did was buy a new purse (bigger, more functional, and thank goodness cleaner than my old one) and lie on the beach near town, getting sunburnt and finishing my latest book Veronika Decides to Die, by Paulo Coelho. Other books I've recently read include The Ex-Boyfriend Handbookand Love Life, which are clearly two serious pieces of fiction. Right now I'm reading The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly, and I like - sort of a cross between Pan's Labyrinth and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

Today I rented a dune buggy and drove all around the island, getting lost a few times but having an awesome time. The only embarassing thing was how much noise the buggy would make - every time I passed through a small town, I'd internally apologize for disturbing the residents, who inevitably would turn and stare. I'm sure many tourists have done the same, but can't imagine the noise is ever enjoyable. The best times I had were between towns, when the roads were clear and the cows cheered me on my way : ) I also lounged on a beach down the coast for a few hours.

For tomorrow I signed up for a day-long tour to Delos, a nearby island and important archaelogical site, and to Mykonos. Day after tomorrow I'm headed back to Athens, then to Seoul the following morning. Can't believe my time in Europe is almost over! I figure I'll compile a few best-of lists to commemorate. I'll also fill in entires for the past couple of weeks in Italy and Santorini with JJ&L soon. They were lots of fun. Okay that is all for now. Have a good night.

xoxo, I remain,

-- jane h chen --

Addendum: I spent my last couple days in Greece hanging out on the beach and karaoke-ing with Albanians and Germans in Naxos, then shopping and sampling raki (a Greek aperitif, served hot) with new acquaintances from my Athens hostel. One of them works as an adventure tour guide in Athens, so was super helpful in showing us around. Unfortunately I never made it to the Delos-Mykonos tour mentioned above. After one night in Athens, I headed to the airport on June 2nd to catch my flight to Seoul.

sylviandavid says:
I too am very impressed by the price of the room. Good find!
Posted on: Aug 11, 2014
etran says:
I read Veronika Decides to Die while in Munich. Maybe it's a travelling book!
Posted on: Jun 11, 2007
tpchen says:
Please make sure to contact us when you are in Korea.
Posted on: May 31, 2007
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