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One thing I enjoy about traveling alone is I never feel guilty about being lazy. In Barcelona, I´ve had little desire to do anything but hang out, run errands, and eat. Since I´ve been here before, I figure I´ve seen a lot of the main sights already so don´t feel bad about missing them for that reason either (although things have definitely changed in the past 2 years - like La Sagrada Familia has more spires than it did before).

It´s been extremely overcast and raining some since I got here, and for much of my time in Spain. I checked the forecast, and it´s supposed to be that way for the first several days I´m in France as well. Good thing I brought a jacket with a hood : ) Haven´t used my actual rainjacket yet, as there haven´t been any torrential downpours or anything, and the idea of squishing the jacket back into its current little ball shape after using it doesn´t appeal to me.

Tonight is my third and final night in Barcelona; tomorrow I´m taking the overnight train to Paris and staying with my friend Christine´s mom in the 17eme district. It´s funny because in one of her emails her mom specifically says she heard that I´m ¨not a giant¨. Haha. But you know? I bet paramecium would beg to differ.

Ok so anyway, back to Barcelona. The first day I arrived I checked into my Hostal in the Barri Gotic, which is nice ´cause it´s extremely close to the city center and La Rambla. I somehow have a knack for choosing places with alley-views, as it´s again located in a very small alley. They´re doing construction on rooms next to mine, so fortunately I don´t have to waste the battery in my super duper cool Google alarm, which was a gift from Matt in London.

I really enjoy Barcelona a lot, and realized the reason I´m so drawn to Gaudi´s work is it´s very fairytale-like. The entrance to Parc Guell is clearly a gingerbread house, no question about it, and I love all the columns and nooks and peaks and waves all over. I´m not hugely into all the tile stuff but the shapes are nice.

Parc Guell was one of the many places I revisited, though again I´ve been super lazy and mostly been hanging out in the area around La Rambla. There are SO many people here, it´s kind of overwhelming and a bit annoying, as they mostly seem to travel in packs and stop at random times in the middle of sidewalks. There are about a billion kids rambling about, too, which I think is crazy ´cause I wonder if they live in Barcelona or if their parents are cool with them taking trips together when they´re like 12 or whatever. If so, I guess that´s kind of neat for them, pretty exciting adventures for junior high school. I suspect they are visiting from other countries because they´re speaking different languages.

Everywhere I go there are also hordes of Englishmen singing loudly about being English. I assume it´s related to ¨futbol¨since they´re mostly drunk and wearing soccer jerseys hehee. I kind of want to get into a sport like that where the fans get so hyped up they´ll visit other countries en masse and get drunk and sing. It looks like it´d be obnoxious but so much fun. Is there anything like that in the US? Seriously, sign me up.

Except for the first day, I´ve mostly been hanging out by myself. Although it´s fun meeting new people, it´s also nice not constantly having to make that effort. When staying in dorms and stuff, I feel it would be totally rude not to chat and hang out with your roommates, so it´s good to have my own room.

The first day I hung out with two Australian brothers, the older one a doctor and the younger an ex-engineer/aspiring rockstar. I met the older brother at Cafe L´Opera in the morning and we chatted for a while about all kinds of stuff, like religions and cultures and relationships, then I went to run some errands and met up with them later for drinks at this really nice fairytale-themed bar by the Wax Museum. It was great ´cause they actually call each other ¨bro¨, like if one was picking up a phone call from the other he´d say ¨hey bro¨. I liked it. I also found out he and his brother are big fans of Arrested Development! They´d bought some magic tricks which they showed me later that day, and the younger brother would hum *The Final Countdown* to go along with the trick hehehe. Oddly they were both from Perth, which apparently is home to only a million people. The only reason it´s odd is because I´d guess 80% of all the Australians I´ve met have been from Perth, including several in Scotland and 2 in Sevilla. I guess they´re a small population that travels a lot.

K I´m sure there are tons of things I´m not saying about Barcelona that I should, but I´m pretty much done writing now. This is quite a long entry. Buena noche!

goodfarmerchen says:
haha yeah, see, weird! don't be late, you might get detention and that's BAD. k i love getting your comments and talk to you later, byeyyee =D
Posted on: Apr 01, 2007
jeanbean says:
hey jane! i also met two australians from perth in my hostel in barcelona! your blogs are making me late for class.. but they're great! gotta go!
Posted on: Mar 30, 2007
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