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So the funniest thing about me being in Bangkok (again!) is I purposely decided not to come here this trip, given my limited time and the fact I'd been here before. However, it's just too convenient a hub to ignore, and I'm now here for the fifth freaking time in two months haha. My lack of pre-planning and desire to meet up with travelling friends has caused me to take the most nonsensical route through SE Asia ever. I'll definitely do less backtracking on my next trip but can't say I regret any of the decisions I've made (except I maybe should've travelled around Laos a few more days before heading back to Bangkok, and tried harder to make it to the Perhentians).

I spent the last month or so in the company of friends both old and new, and now that I'm on my own again, I decided I better catch up on my blog. I saved drafts to help me remember where I'd been and realize I have a lot of work to do. For that reason, I'll try to keep each of these entries short and just sum up my experiences real quick-like.

This time in Bangkok, I haven't done much except eat and get eyelash extensions. They're so fun! And only a tenth of the cost compared to home.  Yay : ) Hopefully they'll last through upcoming beach activities but if not, whatever, what can ya do. I'm only here for 1 night this time; my shortest visit was a 5-hour stopover en route to Vientiane with Will.

The other fun thing was seeing a crew of Thai b-boys dancing in the elevated walkways at Siam Sq. metro station. They had all the same moves as b-boys back home except the music they danced to was solidly Thai pop styles. Very interesting! Lots of synthesizers and almost no bass.

In terms of itinerary, I have exactly 6 days before I depart from Singapore to Tokyo, after which I'll spend 8 days in Japan before my final 3 in Hawaii. That means I'm home in less than 2.5 weeks! Good gracious. If it were totally up to me, I'd gladly travel another several months. However, now that home is imminent, I'm also looking forward to going back. While I still enjoy the seeing-new-places, experiencing-other-cultures, never-knowing-what-awesome-thing-will-happen-next part of this trip, I'm a bit tired of leaving people all the time. With the majority of folks it's no big deal, but there have definitely been a few that made me realize I can in fact miss people, despite my claims to the contrary. It's like mini breaking up over and over again, and my poor heart of stone is having a hard time maintaining its impermeable status ha.

By the way, I just saw news of the earthquake in Indonesia. Scary.

Okay, I promised to keep the entries short. Time to add details from earlier in my trip. Until next time,

-- jane h chen --

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