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Roslin Castle (or what's left of it...)

This place would barely get a second look on the map if it wasn't for it's church.


The Roslynn Chapel apparently features heavily at the climax of 'The DaVinci Code' and so has become a beacon for fans of the book. (How come the chapel has a different name to the village it’s in by the way?)


Not having seen the film or read the book I couldn't comment on that but safe to say this place was swarming with tourists.


Bizarrely they seemed to have encased the church in some sort of industrial scaffolding which visitors wander around the building on.  Whilst this is going to give you a much closer view of the upper areas of the church itself it can't exactly claim to add to an unspoiled view.


As with everything these days there was some ridiculous charge to go clambering on said scaffolding so we didn't bother.


Instead we wandered down a country lane to the remains of Roslin castle which sits in the valley below.


Much less busy and much less expensive (try free).  Not that there's much left of the castle mind...

missandrea81 says:
I was wondering the same thing about the name. :)
Posted on: Aug 14, 2011
sdbleve says:
When we were out there last year the chapel was one of the things I wanted to see (yes I am one of the book reading monkeys). But we also went for a stroll down to the castle. And we were glad we did. It was muddy for my 10 and 12 yr old boys it was just the thing to do. We came back up to the car park covered in mud...with big smiles on our faces from the fun we had chasing each other around in the mud.
Posted on: Apr 28, 2007
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Roslin Castle (or whats left of i…
Roslin Castle (or what's left of …
Roslin Castle remains
Roslin Castle remains
A bit of Roslin Castle
A bit of Roslin Castle
photo by: tacco14