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A road-trip to the west coast and another winter in SE Asia.

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October 15th, 2008Gladstone, Michigan
October 16th, 2008Chicago, Illinois
October 17th, 2008O'Fallon, Illinois
October 19th, 2008Saint Louis, Missouri
October 21st, 2008Chapman, Kansas
October 22nd, 2008Topeka, Kansas
October 22nd, 2008Mindermines, United States
October 23rd, 2008Liberal, Missouri
October 23rd, 2008Ozark, Missouri
October 25th, 2008Branson, Missouri
October 29th, 2008Okemah, Oklahoma
October 31st, 2008Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
November 3rd, 2008Farwell, Texas
November 4th, 2008Roswell, New Mexico
November 4th, 2008Lincoln, New Mexico
November 4th, 2008Lordsburg, New Mexico
November 5th, 2008Tucson, Arizona
November 5th, 2008Nogales, Mexico
November 5th, 2008Sierra Vista, Arizona
November 6th, 2008Tombstone, Arizona
November 7th, 2008Tucson, Arizona
November 8th, 2008Benson, Arizona
November 8th, 2008Tombstone, Arizona
November 8th, 2008Bisbee, Arizona
November 8th, 2008Tucson, Arizona
November 9th, 2008Phoenix, Arizona
November 11th, 2008Lancaster, California
November 15th, 2008Monrovia, California
November 17th, 2008Los Angeles, California
November 18th, 2008Lancaster, California
November 20th, 2008Los Angeles, California
November 26th, 2008Taipei, Taiwan
November 27th, 2008Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
November 27th, 2008Phnom Penh, Cambodia
November 28th, 2008Phnom Penh, Cambodia
December 4th, 2008Sihanoukville, Cambodia
December 9th, 2008Sihanoukville, Cambodia
December 13th, 2008Sihanoukville, Cambodia
December 15th, 2008Sihanoukville, Cambodia
December 19th, 2008Sihanoukville, Cambodia
December 24th, 2008Sihanoukville, Cambodia
December 25th, 2008Sihanoukville, Cambodia
December 26th, 2008Veal Renh, Cambodia
December 26th, 2008Kampot, Cambodia
December 27th, 2008Xaxia, Vietnam
December 27th, 2008Ha Tien, Vietnam
December 28th, 2008Ham Ninh, Vietnam
December 28th, 2008Duong Dong, Vietnam
December 30th, 2008An Thoi, Vietnam
December 31st, 2008Duong Dong, Vietnam
January 4th, 2009Thom Bai, Vietnam
January 4th, 2009Rach Tram, Vietnam
January 4th, 2009Ganh Dau, Vietnam
January 7th, 2009Duong Dong, Vietnam
January 8th, 2009Duong Dong, Vietnam
January 10th, 2009Vong Bai, Vietnam
January 10th, 2009Rach Gia, Vietnam
January 10th, 2009Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
January 11th, 2009Cu Chi, Vietnam
January 11th, 2009Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
January 12th, 2009Cam Ranh, Vietnam
January 12th, 2009Nha Trang, Vietnam
January 13th, 2009Nha Trang, Vietnam
January 16th, 2009Nha Trang, Vietnam
January 17th, 2009Nha Trang, Vietnam
January 18th, 2009Nha Trang, Vietnam
January 19th, 2009Nha Trang, Vietnam
January 20th, 2009Nha Trang, Vietnam
January 23rd, 2009Nha Trang, Vietnam
January 25th, 2009Nha Trang, Vietnam
January 28th, 2009Nha Trang, Vietnam
January 29th, 2009Nha Trang, Vietnam
February 1st, 2009Nha Trang, Vietnam
February 3rd, 2009Nha Trang, Vietnam
February 5th, 2009Nha Trang, Vietnam
February 6th, 2009Nha Trang, Vietnam
February 8th, 2009Ninh Hoa, Vietnam
February 8th, 2009Ninh Phuoc, Vietnam
February 12th, 2009Nha Trang, Vietnam
February 15th, 2009Bai Dai, Vietnam
February 16th, 2009Nha Trang, Vietnam
February 20th, 2009Dong ba Thin, Vietnam
February 22nd, 2009Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
February 23rd, 2009Duong Dong, Vietnam
February 25th, 2009An Thoi, Vietnam
February 25th, 2009Duong Dong, Vietnam
February 27th, 2009Vong Bai, Vietnam
February 27th, 2009Ha Tien, Vietnam
February 27th, 2009Kep, Cambodia
February 28th, 2009Kampot, Cambodia
February 28th, 2009Veal Renh, Cambodia
March 7th, 2009Sihanoukville, Cambodia
March 10th, 2009Sihanoukville, Cambodia
March 23rd, 2009Phnom Penh, Cambodia