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"Beam me up Scotty..."

The New Mexico night along Highway 70 from Clovis to Roswell can spark the imagination. Some miles into that remote stretch, an odd array of red lights - fifty or more - blinked in unison for miles across the blackened landscape. As I motored southwest toward them at sixty miles per hour, twenty-five minutes had passed and they didn’t appear to get closer. UFOs crossed my thoughts - the strange lights could be some kind of markers guiding alien spaceships onto the desolate New Mexico desert. I finally convinced myself that any aliens would certainly not be interested in abducting a 1976 Volkswagen camper with an even older driver and continued on. I eventually passed the string of blinking lights and never saw exactly what they were but remembered Johnny mentioning that wind farms in Oklahoma flash red beacons from each tower in unison. Nearing Roswell, I did see a single shooting star arc across the night sky. When I woke in the parking lot at Price's Rest Stop - a small truck stop on the edge of town - I was greeted by a giant cow and it took a few extra moments to figure out where I was.

bashmentbabe says:
hehe, reading a few of your entries this one was funny, i would be scared if i saw those lights. lol
Posted on: Feb 02, 2009
vances says:
I am astonished at the amount of real estate you've been everywhere, man!
Posted on: Nov 29, 2008
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Beam me up Scotty...
"Beam me up Scotty..."
Downtown Roswell
Downtown Roswell
photo by: X_Drive