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Ahh...finally I am going to Stonehenge. Went to Avebury circle instead, so was excited about the day trip to Salisbury.

It was an uneventful journey to Salisbury, though the scenery was wonderful. Even my sister, who is an urban girl and cant tolerate the wilderness of Ubin though the greens are pretty.

It was a 2 hour journey and we reached Salisbury station at noon. While waiting for the Stonehenge tour to start (you can just buy the tickets from the conductor outside the station) we were wondering if we should walk down the lane abit.
But we thought it would be better to just stay near the bus, so that we wont miss it.

Anyway, I got myself a student ticket, because the conductor though I was a student. He didnt even bother to ask if I am a student or if I intend to buy a student ticket, so I just played along and say "Yar, I have a student pass." which wasnt a lie. I am hoping that they dont require ID at the Stonehenge entrance, which luckily for me, they didnt.

It is true that Stonehenge is a much crowded place as compared to Averbury Circle. There are more people then sheeps here, while in Avebury Circle, there are more sheeps. From the journey to Stonehenge, we pass the town of Salisbury, saw the Salisbury Cathredral and lucky for us, the market was on that there, so we made a mental note to visit the market later after the Stonehenge visit.
After that we went into the fields again, and saw Old Sarum.
I had also wanted to visit Old Sarum, because it was the first town in Salisbury and because it is also a Heritage Place. But if i havent been on a tour bus with an audio guide, I wouldnt have known that Old Sarum is just there. It likes like a field to me, though there are ditched and some stones, but I find it hard to differentiate from the other surroundings. Then we also passed by some henges. I think there is one with wooden henges lined in a straight line. But our focus turns to the Stonehenge which we can already see probably 1 km away.
Stonehenge is just located in a plain field, with no other high-rise buildings or trees, so it made the structure look so majestic. We took our audio guide and begin the ritual of visiting Stonehenge, stopping at designated points, and listening to the guide as though someone has called us on our mobile.
The wind was blowing so hard that I gave up listening to the audo guide halfway and just focus on taking pictures.
In terms of grandness, I think the structure of Stonehenge, in terms of the horizontal stones lying on top of two vertical ones, is unique, as compared to Avebury, but Avebeury is big. There is one point where I thought it would be a nice experience, that is to imagine many thousands years ago, when the rural area is forested, and out of the forest you see the Stonehenge, and for whatever purpose it serve, people are emerging from the forest around it and gathering near the Stones. I thought that scene would have been very nice.
Anyway, no spiritual inspiration there, the ditch is not great enough to make me fall down and we just left after the usual shopping and light refreshment.
Then we arrived at Salisbury town.
The market is still on, so we walked around to find a Chinese restaurant for our meals. I saw Wangamama and some other restaurant, but after many wasted trip, with my sis looking for toilet also, we managed to find Wangamama. I reserve my comments and invited mum and sis to order their food. After they had their first bite (Chicken ramen and Spicy soup with veg and mushroom), the verdict is the same as mine. Perhaps we have been eating too much bland food since young (Mum is very stingy with her salt), but as there is rice there, we just have our fill and move along.
The market was closing when we reached there at about 4pm. It was a pity for us, but we still walked around the few stalls which were still open. I saw a cute black lab, and was about to say hi when the owner came over and said something I think is not very welcoming. Apparently the dog did not listen to the owner (Thankfully) and just stared and wagged its tail as we passed by its bed. We bought some sweets and walked to the station.
It had been a tiring day so both my mum and sis slept through the journey back. We reached Waterloo at about 8pm, and since, we will be staying in London the next day, we just decide to sleep in late the next morning.
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photo by: Vikram