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Today is our last day in London, so we went to City of London to do the must-go, must-see in London. We tube to St Pauls, but because the station is closed, we stoped at the stop after that. It didnt occur to me that some of the stops are not operating on certain days, and I didnt have a London map with me. All along, I have been walking in London based on the knowledge I have. But right now, I have to bring two other people with me. Though I can walk for hours while getting lost, I cant afford to make them walk with me. When we alight, I tried to walk purposefully to the somewhere where there is a bus stop so that at least I can take bus to St Pauls. Luckily, there are signs showing direction to St Pauls at the station exit, so we got to St Pauls, nice and well.

It started drizzling, so we just made a short stop there. Mum actually went in to the cathedral. Honestly, I have never step into a church before, and I dont dare to. It is just me because when it comes to places of religions, I am on the more cautious side. While in Singapore, I have never stepped into a church, or a mosque except for guided tour, where there is someone to tell me how to behave. But anyway, I think it is probably due to Princess Diana's wedding, and I guess it is her dream to visit St Pauls. Unfortunately, it is a Sunday, so most of the tourist areas are closed.
We took service 15 to Tower of London, and when we alight, we saw the routemaster bus right behind us! If only we waited for a while longer. Anyway, since I have spent 1 full day at the tower before, I tried my best to show them the ruins and everything, but I think it is those things just interest me only.
As I have already purchased the tickets online (1pound discount), we had fish and chips for lunch before entering the tower. It was a bad choice because due to some miscommunication and ineffective planning, we ordered 4 large meals, and that took us a while to finish the food. We were glad we dont have to spend time queuing for the tickets, but nevertheless, when we were ready to visit the tower, it started raining. So, first stop is straight to Bloody Tower.
My sister amazed me so much! All along, when my sister go on tours, she usually does not really care about the historical value of the place. She didnt even know where she has been to when we went China many years ago. And she is always proud to say that her travelling philosophy is to eat and sleep. So, when I see her reading the stories about the murder of the two princes at the Bloody Tower, even stopping to do some thinking, I was amazed that she showed such interest in something that is "old". That is very unlike her. Anyway, We walked to the Jewel House and then we saw the Guards changing again. It was a long queue to enter the Jewel House, and we manage to settle ourselves among a French tour group.
Along the way, I explained to both of them, mostly to my sis, how the coat-of-arms comes about and what are the jewels we are going to see. Then, we went to White Tower. I tried to figure a way to go out, but apparently, they have staged the exhibits and everything such that you have to climb and go through all the areas and floors before you reach the sourvenir shop and exit.
Then, my sister amazed me again when we went to the tower near tower green. The name starts with "B" and has "champs" somewhere, but I am very bad at spelling. It is where me and my mum just sit down and wait for her to finish reading every single sign, admire every carvings that were made by the prisoners of the tower. She really spent a few minutes at each wall carvings and read their stories and even told me "I think the nicest one is that one". She really amaze me so much! Before we set off, my sister has asked if we are going to anywhere related to Lady Jane Grey. And I remembered saying "how do you know her?" Apparently, she said she know about The Grey Lady in Harry Potter and did her own research on famous ghosts in UK. The power of books and knowledge! and mind you, my sister hates reading books. I tried to make her read Harry Potter but she gave up after finishing chapter 1. My cute little sister really knows how to amaze me. We made an informal agreement to cover every inch of the Tower if we have the chance to come again, probably with another sister, less she gets jealous (shhhh).
We went back and got ourselves more stuff from the souvernirs shops outside the Tower. Went to take some pictures of the Tower Bridge, and then we went back.
We had saw a chinese stall in Leicester Square and decided that we are going there, also just to walk about the area. So, after we alight from service 15, we saw that the routemaster bus was once again just behind us, and we missed it again. Anyway, it was a long wait for bus 11 to bring us to Whitehall.
When we finally reached Whitehall, We walked to the Horse Guard, and are so amazed to see non-humans. The horses are so cute. There was a point one of the horse just stared directly at me, and it took me a while to take the cue and snap a photo of it. I just wonder if the horses are given drinks throughout their duty.
Then we heard fanfare behind, and walked over to see whats coming on. There are some military bands playing, so after that we walked away. We headed towards Trafagular Sq and did more shopping. There are many shops there. I pointed out Big Ben to Mum, because apparently, she still didnt realise that that's the "Da Ben Zhong" she knew. In chinese, Big Ben is literally translated as "Big stupid clock" because in Han Yu Pin Yin, "Ben" is pronounced as "stupid".
We walked somemore and reached Leicester Sq. Once again, I have to rely on memory and luck and we saw the Mr Wu's restaurant. I have initally planned to eat at Chopstixs, but I think the rest prefer Mr Wu. Mum was starving, and she reached for the food immediately.
The restuarant is buffet-style, less than 5pounds per pax with a fixed menu. I think the only reason why we went there is because of the white rice. Somehow, I dont really fancy eating Chinese food here. I guess me and my sis would have preferred to survive on the many ready-to-go food that can be bought at Marks and Spencer.
We went back to our hotel, and I did check-in for our flight back home. Lucky a nice receptionist at the hotel helped me with it. I sent her a compliment for helping me, and I hope she received it. Anyway, due to our train to Paris, the next day, we would be missing the breakfast tray in the hotel, which was a pity because we most of the food that was served (even though it wasnt buffet-style).
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photo by: ulysses