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Yeah, so Minnesota, it snows then it melts then it snows then it melts and is 80 degrees! Then a week later, it snows again. Ahh. Well you know that spring isn't truly ready to come until you've had at LEAST 3 or 4 thaws to get ready for it. This is our backyard, or parts of it at least in April. Yes, April. Craziness I know. I really like the pictures with the moccasins (courtesy of my sister's photographing skills). Yeah I'm on my second pair of those moccasins and am actually making some of my own! It's very exciting. The rest of the pictures are on the way out of Eagaon on our photo excursion. It all started with me forgetting that I had books due at the library (yes, on Friday the 13th). So since I had already been to school, I didn't want to drive back all by myself.
So my sister came with me and we did some picture taking on the way. The brown and glass building is a photo of the Lutheran Church called All Saints Lutheran. I don't really know why she took a picture of it. We have a LOT of churches in Eagan, in fact all the way down the road there were at least 5 or 6, but she took a picture of this one. Ugly bugger, but hey, what do I know? I think that I went to a summer VBS there one time when I was a little kid. I'm not even Lutheran so I don't know why I went there. Probably something to do with our neighbor lady being in charge of it or something. Come to think of it, I should get a picture of my church before I head off to England. Also down there is the price of gas at $2.79. I don't like how it's going up. It was up to like $2.97 a few months ago, but that's the highest I've seen in MN. Only last month it was only $1.87! Sad days...I can still remember when it was only $0.99 a gallon, oh Reagan. There's a pic of my old high school too, not that you can see the whole thing. It's huge.
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The price of gas (ouch!)
The price of gas (ouch!)
Bread store
Bread store
Not only does it say yes, but its…
Not only does it say yes, but it'…
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