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It was only 3 month since I decided to work for a year as volunteer in Kenya, and here I was, on my own, on the airport of Kisumu in Kenya. Luckely the orginasation i am working for already knows a lot of people here, and there is my deticated mentor Wicklef. A very friendly, very modern Kenyan, who owns 3 Matatu's, and has 8 people working for him. (Matatu's are the local public transport, mini vans, with are privatly owned) I had already met him 3 month ago, when I was here for a week, we had a great time then.

I was fit, and well rested. My first job will be to offload the container with machines, tools and other things my organisation had send on a ship 2 month earlier. Only a week before I left I heard that the ship would be in late, so there was nothing for me to do before then. So my orginasation had arranged 2 weeks of mombassa, the second biggest city in Kenya right on the beatiful beach. I was stayin in an all inclusive hotel. Very strange to start your year in Kenya this way, becouse all the people there are on holiday and will be returining in a week, some 2. They all went on safari, and I sayed at the hotel. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed my time here. It was the perfect way to get to know the weather, and build op strength.

We started for an hour drive from the relative low (hot) and flat  grounds around Lake Victoria into the hills of Maragoli. When i arrived it was dark, we unloaded my gear, and i went to bed, after 2 inland fights (1000km) and more then an hour drive i was tired!

more to come ( i have to check my log at home )

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photo by: AlexandraQuinton