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Well we started the day like any other day. My original plan was to let the boys call in sick for school, but my eldest son had built a trebuchet as a school project.  Today was the day that the kids were seeing which worked, which did not, and which would go the furthest.  So of course he "had to" go to school this morning. Well, I made sure their homework was done last night, and sent them off to school this morning. I drove over and picked up the monsters and the trebuchet about 8:30. We were back home by 09:00 and out the door for the airport at 9:45.

We packed rather light (compared to last years adventure to Scotland) and only had 2 bags to check, my laptop, and a backpack filled with a portable DVD player and some DVD's, books, and snacks. We got to the airport and walked up to the check in. A computerized check in with a real person to take your check in bag. Of course that did not go smoothly. My two sons tickets came right up, but mine had a security check on it of some sort (was never told why). I was not all that impressed with the personell for United Airlines. The majority of the staff taking the bags appeared to be employees of a company that United Airlines (or the airport authority) hired just to move bags. (Prob minimum wage monkeys). The guy at the counter had no clue how to help me and had to call a regular staff person.  He moved me to a "special line".  After standing there for a few minutes (with what looked like some military personel) a lady walked over and and asked, and I quote here..."So what did you do to end up in this line?".  And it was not in a pleasant or amused voice. It was almost as if I had done something to cause her trouble.  She asked for my ID and "told" me to follow her. She did not even look to see if I was following (had to round up the monsters).  Well we finally got checked in, bags checked, and boarding passes in hand. We stopped for a bit of Mickey D's, and then went thru the security check point and on to the gate.

The flight was uneventfull, but I still don't like to fly, so I could not relax. One of the flight attendants walked by smelling of vanilla and coconut. The boys and I smelled it and told her we liked the scent. She said it was to put us in the mood for a nice tropical we started to do a hula dance in our seats. She got a laugh out of that!!!

We caught a shuttle from the airport to the hotel. The hotel says they still see my reservation is for 2 rooms. I had called them a few days ago and was told the same thing. I have already been refunded my money for the other room, but I was concerned. I called Hotwire and was on the phone when they called the hotel. Bottom line is I told the hotel the problem was between them and Hotwire as I had already done everything I could to cancel the other room reservation. The boys and I moved into our room. It is a nice size, appears clean. And the hotel is very close to the attractions that we are interested in. I think we will have a nice few days.

After we put our stuff in our room, the boys and I decided to go for a walk. The Embarcadero is just about a block away. We checked out some of the shops and tried to make plans for where we were going to eat dinner. We decided to go back to the hotel (to see if either my mother or sister had arrived) before we selected a place to eat. When we got back to the hotel, my throat started getting that itching feeling it gets when I am around cigarette smoke. I could not smell any, but I am very, very sensative to cigarette smoke. I called the front desk and told them that somebody had been smoking in the room. I did not see anything to indicate the room was smoking or non smoking so I decided to ask. Yep, you guessed it, I had been put in a smoking room. After specifically telling them I could not be in one. Well, after telling the staff I would be probably calling the paramedics in a couple of hours if I was not moved....they moved me. I later found out that all Hotwire reservations are put in smoking rooms.

After we had moved to a new room, my sister called. They had arrived, and were ready to eat. The boys had found an interesting resturant called The Rain Forrest Cafe. So we went there for dinner. (Review at the bottom of the page). After dinner it was back to the hotel for a swim.

sdbleve says:
Sorry did not see the earlier question. He told me it was working great the day before the big trial...but on the actual day it was just so so. Somebody had taken the ammo he had for it, and he had to use somebody else's. It still threw the stuff, but not as far as he liked. I thought all of them were pretty cool. The think is sitting in our garage, and I will take and post a picture of it.
Posted on: Apr 22, 2007
WaltJake says:
How did he make out with the trebuchet?
Posted on: Mar 30, 2007
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