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Today was the day to return to reality.  I had booked a airport shuttle to pick us up. I went online and found one a bit more reasonable than the one suggested by the hotel.  The driver picked us up (on time) and started for the airport. We had to make one more stop, down a very long and narrow alley. I was impressed when the driver backed his way all the way back down the driveway...don't think I could have done it with out leaving some paint on the walls.

When we got to the airport we had to check in our luggage and the wood sword and the large fan that the boys had purchased in Chinatown. You should have seen the face of the staff in the terminal when we walked in with my son carrying the sword.  I am sure that had I been carrying the darn thing, I would have been proned out and subject to all sorts of embarassing bodily searches. As it was, the young man that was working the check in counter was having a blast playing with the sword before he finally wrapped it to put on the plane. The boys and I finished our check in and head to the assigned gate.  But life could not possibly be that easy.  About 45 min before we were scheduled to board, they called a gate change...all  the way at the other end of the terminal...ARGGG!!!  Then when we got to the new gate, I looked at my boarding passes more closely.  I noticed we had not been assigned seats. I checked with the guy working at the counter and asked him about it. I asked if the flight was kind of cattle call type thing like Southwest Airlines. He looked confused and checked this screen and checked that screen, and made some comments I did not quite catch. I told him I was flying with 2 kids, and unless he wanted them to run amuk (not that they would, they are well behaved) we probably should all sit together. Well it all worked out, and we got to sit together. 

Note:  When we were on approach in San Diego, my son looked out the window (Brian again. I swear the kids does not miss anything) and told me he could see the neighborhood where we live. Our neighborhood is not really under any regular flght paths so I told him, No way. I looked out the window and he started pointing out landmarks around our house (Santee Lakes).  He than told me he could see his school.  I laughed when he told me he could tell where his school was because he could see all the dirt from the athletic fields... take note those of his teachers that may be reading this :)

Well, we got into the airport and caught the shuttle to the long term airport parking. This was the first time I had used this. I think it worked out rather well, and will probably use it again.

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photo by: sdbleve