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3 days by Lake Malawi.  I have to say, compared to Zanzibar, the water doesn't look quite as inviting with bits floating in it.  I still went in though, and you can still just make out some small fishies swimming around your feet.

Loads of girls went horse riding along the beach and got to swim in the lake with the horses.  It looked so cool...if I wasn't scared of horses I so would have done it.  As I was considering it despite my fear a huge-ass horse strode past...'yep, you're not getting me on one of those any time soon'.  I visited the local school, viallage and hospital instead.  There was a new born baby in the hospital, it was werid, it looked like a little white baby, but apparently they get darker after a week or so.  The children were out of school, apparently Malawi has more 'bank holidays' than work and school days.  They do a sponsor an orphan st the school.  I'm considering doing that when I get back and earn some money.  It's only about 50-100 pounds a year for their schooling.  I got the addess of the school and the name I made friends with a little girl age 12 that I'm going to write to when I get back as well.  She was lovely.
We had a massive party with Michelle's (tour guide) homemade punch.  3 of those and I was on the floor, almost literally.  We spit roatsed a pig, that was so yummy...the next day we saw someone carrying one in on the spit with head and everything, that was weird.  We all got a bit drunk a boisterous, a few arguments burst out but all is well now.  Also, for our attire, the day before we went shopping at a large second hand clothes marhet that was clearly all the reject clothes from charity shops around the world (we found a New Zealand rugby top).  Our task:  to pick someone's name out of a hat and buy them a full outfit fitting in the guidelines (red or animal print) for under $3.  I got a man on the trip.  I had no idea what male sizes are so I bought ladies (definately ladies even though the men on the stall tried to convince me they were men's clothes) lycra stuff.  He looked great.  I got a long snake print dress...which I made into a mini and used the remaining strip of material as a head scarf like in the 60s.  I actually looked quite cool.  The dress was so comfortable (and I was too lazy to find anything else) I decided to wear it the next day as well, people thought I was crazy...yep, they're pretty much right on that.  I even borrowed some make-up from the girls.  I actually looked feminine for the first time in ages!  That was a crazy night.  The more I drank the more I left myself open for theives...but I was so lucky to have people looking after me.  I left my camera on the beach buried in some sand (my camera now makes a grinding sound when I turn it on), my mp3 player at the bar all night.  I cannot be trusted to look after my stuff after a few drinks, I barely cope when I'm sober. 
The next day I just slept in a hammock and read my book by the lake.  That was such a relaxing day.  Although I was on cooking and missed almost every meal preparation, because I was asleep, until people came to get me.

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Kande Beach
photo by: skippyed