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Day 1
Eaten alive by mozquitos.

Day 2
Victoria Falls.  Amazing.  There were so many rainbows as I walked along in the heavy spray from the falls, I even got to walk straight through one that shone over the pathway.  Now that was cool.  I'm not too sure the spray from the falls kept my enthusiam.  It was like walking in really heavy rain...really heavy rain that my bright pink C&A water-proof jacket couldn't even handle.  Also, because it's me, I couldn't resist taking photos in the pouring spray so I got out my camera to take a few photos even though I knew it may kill it a little bit more.  Bless it, it came back to life after drying in the sun for an hour.  I'm lucky to have a camera that's Angelique-proof.  The walk along the side of the falls was breath-taking.  It was so scary knowing you were standing at the edge of the river that created the fall.  Harriet was pooing and weeing herself as I climbed down the rocks to stand right by the river and stick my hand in.  C'mon, it's got to be done.  I laugh in the face of danger Ha ha ha ha.
Next on the agenda...party in the local club.  I was initially very excited until I found Kiera chatting to 3 local guys who were going to take us with them, one of which was a creepy guy who kept talking to me and starring at me everytime I went to the bar the night before.  Awesome!  It did turn out ok in the end, I managed to successfully palm him off on someone else.  Again, just like Zanzibar, random slow rnb tunes.  Luckily I'd drunk a lot of beer and was fully up to the challenge of dancing the night away...until a fight almost broke out between Kiera's 'special' african friend of today and her 'special' african friend of the night before.

Day 3
A-whimba-wey a-whimba-wey a-eeeeeeEEEeeeEEEeeeeee.  Lion Encounter...of the dangerously friendly and safe kind.  I pet a lion!  Well 3 actually.  They were big cubs, about 8-9months old.  Although it felt a little bit like petting a sharp-toothed dog because of their size and slightly coarse fur.  I wanted to cuddle them and pet their heads but apparently they don't like that because their face is a sign of their dominance and I'd totally be spitting in their face if I did...and then I'd lose an arm.  Kitty-Woo loved it, I think they should too.  I wanted them to purr but I don't think they're as easily pleased as household cats.  I was a little disappointed in the experience because I thought we'd get to interact with the cats more but the guides always stood between you and the cats.  Plus I didn't like the handling of the cats.  They were pulled around here, there and everywhere so we could get good photos.  They didn't seem to mind but it just didn't seem natural to me.  I wanted them to bite the guides arm to teach them a lesson.
Elephant Encounter.  Amazing.  Absolutely amazing!  I loved every second of this encounter.  We got to ride the elephants.  I had a big bull and another lady had a female with a little baby that got to trot along side of us.  It was very cute.  At the end we got to sit on the leg and feed our elephants.  Mine was really greedy and refused to eat until I'd filled his trunk up to the top with pellets.  But he liked me so it was ok.  He sniffed up my arm (and almost ate it but I'm over-looking that part) which is supposed to mean they like your smell and essentially you.  I couldn't help but cuddle his trunk.  I forced the guide to video me feeding him.  It was overall, well worth the money.

Day 4
My ankle was red and swollen...those bloody mozquitos from the first night had got infected.  Awesome.  I could barely walk on it by the end of the day.  Next stop...doctor's in Botswana.  Plus, I decided to sit out by the pool in the blistering hot sun in my bra for an hour...and burnt my stomach badly.  Oh, it was a good day for Angelique

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photo by: sarahsan