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Today I have managed to organise my boyfriend’s visit to South Africa in April 09 and our accommodation while he plays his guitar...he calls it 'helping'. 


As I look over my large Waterstones map I consider the vast amount of land I intend to cross over the coming months.  Everyone keeps telling me how brave I am...'bravery is next to stupidity' I reply.  I intend to visit 18-19 countries in 9 months.  Do I have enough money?...Only time will tell.  Only 11 days to go...panic sets in.  Do I have all the essentials?...5 heavy journals?...check!! of my boyfriend?...check!   Seems like I'm good to go.   With only 5 outfits (chosen with the help of my boyfriend - nothing tight or low cut or attractive in any way) I feel a little ill-prepared in comparison to previous holidays and yet I have a bag the size and weight of me filled with what can only be described as random crap at present. 


As my outward flight nears I worry about my late night arrival at a foreign destination (Nairobi, KENYA), especially since all travel blogs I've read so far say...'ooo never travel around Nairobi at night, you are most certain to meet death'...brilliant!  I worry about my Mt Kili I up to the challenge?...considering I have done next to no preparation I'm going to say no.  Even Chris Moyles is doing preparatory work for his charity trek up Mt Kili in February 09, he said so on the radio the other day!  But, look on the bright side, I've got some boots from Blacks called Mount Kilimanjaro trekkers, therefore when I put on these magical boots I become SUPER TREKKER highly dangerous mountainous terrain shall stand in her way, she has Vibram soles.


Okey Dokey, my boyfriend is requesting my company in the kitchen.  He's only got 11 more days of home cooked meals then it's his spag bol, tuna mayo baked potato, and his homemade tasty fast food concoction - hard boiled eggs and tinned tuna on toast with lots of ketchup...mmm.  I guess that's what the muscle men of today eat.


Next you should hear from me I'll be in KENYA...if I survive my late night arrival.

saltycoco says:
gratz on the feature.
Posted on: Oct 19, 2010
montecarlostar says:
Congrats on your feature!
Posted on: Oct 19, 2010
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