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Well, I wanted to see a kill and bloddy hell did I get one...or 10!  We went to see the feeding of the snakes.  It was crazy.  Some of the smaller ones were quite reserved.  As a bucket load of chicks were thrown into their cage they maybe persued 1 and then dislocated their jaw to cram it in.  The python/constrictiors...jesus can they move.  We all patiently waited at the glass front of the largest python to see what was on the menu.  The guide opened the door and threw in a large white rabbit.  That python threw its body over the rabbit and twisted and sqeezed for a about 3 seconds.  The rabbit was dead.  I managed to film another smalled python kill a guinea pig.  Lets just say, it was a short horror film.  One thing I missed, and I think I'm actually quite happy about, was the black mamba kill.  That was a massacre.  Still very clean killings, no blood but boy did she move.  As soon as the chicks were thrown in she flew across the air to one, spat her venom over it (we watched it slowly die) and then shot acoss the tank to another one...sinking her teeth into it.  Later we walked past and she was finishing off the last 2.  NB.  If you see a black for your life...if you don't it will be over in seconds.

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photo by: Mikie