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Over the past 10 days there have been many little things that I keep forgetting to share.  Some heart-breaking.

All over Kenya there seemed to be children playing in the dusty streets with the huge piles of litter beside the road.  Some found joy even in a mere platic bag they had attached to some string to create a kite.  It's things like this that really make you think.  And yesterday and today here in Moshi I've had a toothless man pestering me to visit his art shop in clear desperation.  Yesterday I said I might visit his shop after I'd been to the internet cafe around the corner.  I was in there for 2.5 hours.  As I left he came running after me, he'd waited the whole time.  He was pleading with me to come and buy something because he hadn't managed to make a sale the whole day.  I finally visited his shop today and bought some earrings.  Even then he was desperately trying to show me other small things I may be able to carry on my trip with ease.  I don't like feeling obliged to buy something but it's hard sometimes.

As a white female tourist the hotel receptionists suggest we are incapable of walking and should therefore take a taxi or bus 2km down the road.  I maybe white but I am not incapacitated.  I like to walk with the local people and see the real Africa along the roadside.  Admittedly you do get a lot of hassle from touts but you also get the chance to meet some really nice people, say hello to the children that can't resist staring, and find out local information about the town from local sources. 

Walk beside life, don't pass it by in a speeding matatu.

I met an old crazy looking woman on my journey to Mombasa (the dreaded samosa trip).  She was so interesting.  She had decided to become a Kenyan citizen some years ago and now lived her life between Lamu Island and a ranch on the outskirst of Nairobi.  It made me think, 'could I ever do that?'.  I don't think Africa's managed to break me in just yet.

I've got my trek up Mt Kili tomorrow.  Apparently I've, or rather STA, booked it with the most expensive tour provider in Tanzania.  I suggest to anyone travelling to Moshi for a similar trip to book when you arrive but not through a tout.  Make the tout take you to the tour provider's office that he supposedly works for before comitting to anything.  A good trip to the top of Kili should cost around $1200 for 5 days as advised by a local.

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photo by: joseph98