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Had a good touristy safari day today.  I decided to visit the only National Park you could stroll through on foot...and it seemed I was the only one taking them up on this offer, everyone else whizzed by me in landrovers or on bikes.  I felt I was able to take in the wildlife at my own pace...while sweating buckets under the scorching hot sun.  Also, it seems I missed my left ear when I was applying sun cream...I'm paying for it now let me tell you.  I saw many many Zebra, after a while it was like passing a stray cat in the streets of Spain...I'm done with Zebra now...unless one gets eaten by a Lion then I'm totally there.  I did take a picture of a Zebra carcass you'll all be glad to hear.  Although I'm unsure about it's predator as there were no dangerous animals in the park.  Maybe Pumba (warthog) went crazy one day and attacked a Zebra.  I also saw a few gazelles dashing away as I tried to take a photo from like 200 metres away.  I saw a Baboon, big ass monkey in case you're wondering.  And some warthogs.  They did have buffalo but the lazy sods were sleeping under distant trees until dusk apparently.  I had a guided tour around the gorge by a guy from Lamu (on east coast of Kenya), very nice man, although slightly blind - didn't help when I got him to take photos of me, I appear to have my head chopped off in some.  But, look on the good side, I got a discounted tour due to my offer of help when his van broke down in the middle of the park.  A kind offer goes a long way...and saves the pennies sometimes.

My trip home.  It appeared that today, as hot as it was, was a great day for playing a 3hr game of sardines.  How many people can we fit into a 14 passenger matatu?  It appears 20 adults and 3 children, plus the driver.  Needless to say, that was not a comfortable journey, it was however, amusing because it was a violation of many English road laws.  I thin the driver kept saying to the conductor 'are you sure you want me to stop for these people?  Do we really have enough room?'...Yes?

Once we finally got to Nairobi centre, I could see the sun disappearing behind the buildings.  CURFEW!  Panic started to set in.  'When are we going to get there?  Where does #237 pick-up?  Are we there yet?' - The conductor loved me.  We were in traffic for about 30mins.  I was a nervous wreck.  I didn't want to get shot or mugged for breaking curfew...hyper-ventilating...help.  Oh we're here, that's my bus brilliant.  Despite warning of night crime I wandered in the dark to my hostel.  It was only a 5min walk, what could happen in 5mins?  We will never know...because I never plan to do that again, my heart just can't take it.

I'm off to Mombasa tomorrow.  I want to try and fit in Lamu because apparently they just travel around on little donkeys and boats because it's an island.  There are no cars!  I really want to see it, it sounds so alien...but it's about 6.5hrs drive from Mombasa, which means about 7-8 hrs.  We shall see.

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photo by: Paulovic