Clear Blue Sea, White Sandy Beaches, Hot Sun...feel the green eyed monster?

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Zanzibar.  What can I say?  It may be a touristy place but it's absolutely gorgeous.  Even after hours of swimming in the sea I was still amazed that I could see my feet and tiny fish swimming around me.  It was like paradise.  Not only that, in contaray to the mainland of Tanzania, the people were so lovely and helpful, and HONEST.  When I went to buy something they gave me such a good price as their starting price that I found it difficult to undercut them...but of course me being me I did anyway because I like a good bargain.

Day 1. Stone Town
A maze of tiny streets.  Not quite as bad as Lamu though.  However I did get lost on my way back from the market, and in my despair I called my boyfriend in England...not like he could help, especially when there are no landmarks around and I've forgotten the name of my hotel.  I went snorkelling for the first time around Prison Island (which is now just an expensive island hotel).  Even though we didn't see much I loved it, until I'd swallowed enough salty water to make myself ill...needless to say it took me a while to get the hang of using the snorkel.  Afterwards we went to the Giant Tortoise sanctuary on the island.  That was cool.  We got to feed and pet them.  They look really alien though.  I scared myself at one point, by filming the largest (135yrs old) walking towards us as I hummed the Jaws tune.  But Sam did get bitten by him, only because they don't know where the stalk ends and your hand begins.  As we sat on the beach waiting for the sunset a local guy we'd been chatting to brought out a fish he'd just cooked in a stone oven.  It really did feel like paradise then.

Day 2&3.  Kwenda
Spice Tour.  I learnt a lot about loads of different spices...and then forgot it all.  We were shown a seed that was used to create lipstick.  It was werid, like a creamy orange-red seed inside...yes we all decided to try it was orange.  Yeah I looked hot.  After the talk we got to drink some spiced tea...the ginger one almost took my head off.  We also got to watch a local guy climb a cocnut tree to the top just to get us some coconuts.  That was amazing.  As we stood there drinking from the fresh coconuts a guy came out with some necklaces he'd made from banana cool is that?!
The beach was amazing.  I went snorkelling again with Elina and crew...this time I saw everything.  I had schools of fish swimming around me, I felt like the Little Mermaid...yes I did try to swim like the Little Mermaid with my flippers as my tail.  It just had to be done.  I saw loads of amazing fish and coloured star fish.  Very cool.  I didn't do much the rest of the time I was there apart from try to get fit after hours worth of sitting on the truck.  I ran along the beach barefoot (to exfoliate my feet) dipping into the water edge as I ran, just like in Baywatch...I couldn't help but hum the tune.

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photo by: tirsomaldonado