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The Plan:

2.  Weeks 2 & 3 went at a much slower pace as my boyfriend was visiting; he doesn't like my fast-paced organiser attitude.  We managed to fit in Table Mountain, Shark Cage Diving for my birthday, the Waterfront, the coast from Cape Town to Camps Bay, the Botanical Gardens/Surfing (I went to the gardens and he went surfing), and wine tasting with cheetah petting (maybe not the best combination).

The highlights were:

Climbing Table Mountain up the Diagonal Route, which we now realise must mean, when translated into English from Afrikaans, 'certain death'.  What was supposed to be a leisurely climb up a popular path that should take about 2hrs to complete became a 4hr epic journey scrambling up the side of a mountain in the blistering heat without seeing a living person.  We were both thinking about the fact we may die up here but neither of us speaking such things.  As our water and food store began to dwindle or prospects of survival seemed bleak.  We finally reached the top...only to discover that we were on the wrong side of the valley to the base...but then we saw people...PEOPLE...I couldn't help but hum the tune that usually plays at the end of a film when the survivors of a tragedy realise there is hope.  Needless to say we survived; I got my hot chocolate at the base cafe and a ride in the cable car to the bottom.

Obviously the Shark Cage Diving is a major highlight...for many many reasons.  The breakfast before you go is amazing; we stuffed our faces with fibre muffins (my favourite), cereal, pastries, and fruit, followed by numerous sea sickness tablets on the instruction that this was the roughest day this week.  We saw 8 Great White Sharks, one was massive.  We were the first to dive.  The water was so so cold.  I only got to dive once, I couldn't bear to sit in a cold wetsuit for an hour while everyone else had a go.  A shark came so close you could see its eye staring at us (even though it probably wasn't staring since sharks have worse eye-sight than us), and its fin came in the viewing space in the cage.  My boyfriend jumped back on instinct, very funny.  And the sea sickness, popping pills did not help.  I felt, but my boyfriend really felt it.  After the dive he sat on the edge of the boat staring into the water, white as a sheet.  I sat watching him as I gobbled down 10 packets of crisps (the only thing that made me feel better).  As a shark swam around the boat I couldn't help but think if he passed out and fell overboard , would I be able to save him?  Probably not.  The way the sharks ripped the bait off the rope and bit into the foam seal decoy I think his survival rate was pretty low.

Ferdinand Wine Tours.  Ferdinand Rabie, the winner from the first South African Big Brother, was our guide; he was a complete dick.  He was offensive, sexist and everything was turned into an innuendo...I was like, have we only just learnt about sex to the point where it still feels exciting and naughty to talk about it?  On a good note, the wine was good, the lunch was amazing, the other people on the tour were great fun, and the cheetah petting at Spier was brilliant.  Cheetahs are so much better than lions.  Their body-shape is much more cat-like, their fur is softer, and they look so cute you just want to cuddle them up...unfortunately this was advised against as they could rip off your face in the attempt.

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Cape Town
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