5 day trek up Mt Kili - Marangu Route

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I've tried to write this twice now and both times the computer restarted itself so here's the really short version.

Day 1
Beautiful nature trail-like walk for 9km, 3.5 hrs, through the forest at the base of the mountain.  Saw lots of monkeys, very cool - colobus and black monkies.  Took loads of photos.  Colobus monkeys were outside our Mandara Hut at night, crazy screeching cry.  We had that all night.

Day 2
A long 10km walk to Horumbo Huts, 4hrs, through fields of heather.  Again very beautiful and not an extremely challenging walk but nice and gave me a chance to get to know my fellow group members:  Nathan (30) and Jerry (63); as well as my guides:  August, Zachary, and Felix.  Zachary soon became my favourite as we joked around.  I walked up to Zebra rock to see if I was ok with the altitude past 4000m.  Zebra rock was cool, no photos though I'm afraid, I forgot to take my camera on that little jaunt.  I seemed to be fine with the altitude which was cool. Just a little out of breath (but that could have been my lack of fitness training beforehand showing itself) and light-headed.

Day 3
I didn't sleep well because it was freezing and I was ill-prepared with a summer sleeping bag.  Needless to say I was a mardy-arse in the morning, I had a go at Felix when he asked me how I was.  All the guides from then on were a little scared of me.  'How to lose friends and isolate people'.  This day was a little harder due to the altitude.  And it was a really boring walk through what looked like baron wasteland or Mars or Arizona, I couldn't decide. Massive rocks, gravely earth and a very very long walk; about 11km, 5hrs.  It was cold when we got to the Kibo huts but dorm-like so a little warmer at night.  While I was napping before dinner Felix had brought me his sleeping bag.  I felt so mean but very very grateful.  That was the best night's sleep I'd had, even if I did get up at 11.30pm to go mountain climbing.

Day 4
The assent.  It was hard.  Actually very very hard, especailly up to Gilman's view point.  Negotiating with rocks and bearing the freezing cold.  I was convinced I was going to get frost-bite.  Zachary had to calm me down numerous times on the way to the peak.  The night was magical, it was a beautifully clear starry night, and I enjoyed listening to my mp3 player all the way.  I've actaully got good taste.  The Uhuru Peak was amazing.  The emotions were overwhelming, you just wanted to collapse and cry from exhaustion, relief and the beauty of it all.  The sunshine from the sunrise glistening on the massive glaciers and lakes.  It was well worth it.  Unfortuately the mardy-arse Ang came back on the way to the Horumbo Huts again.  I was knackered and stormed off to the next huts to sleep.

Day 5
Pretty much ok.  Just a long walk to the base.  After that the day went downhill, lots of little things kept going wrong but apart from that an ok day.

flyer says:
a concise and brief account.nice..wish I make it too this December.
Posted on: Oct 13, 2010
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photo by: sarahsan