the world is not a rascist but some people are.

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the map that i found and i carried always.
as i was going alone to the temple of poseidon in sounio,  i have to make researches! last night, i didnt bother to ask kyriakos how to go there, as i dont want to disturb him, the guys already helped me enough! its time to do things on my own! so i sat at the computer in the night and researched how to go to the temple of poseidon!

i found this really cool information (please click the link) about suburban buses in athens! and on how to get to sounio and the temple of poseidon! how amazing was that?!!! now the problem was - I DONT HAVE A MAP OF ATHENS. this is going to be tricky - so i searched in google a printable map of athens that shows averof and omonia - that was really a hard search, good thing i can smoke inside the flat and while also searching on the internet because it took out all the water in my body lol hahaha - and would you believe that the gods and the fates were with me that time?!! i found a map that i was searching for!!!! THIS MAP was my life saver in athens!!!!!! when i started printing it - damn it, it wouldnt fit into one page of paper! arrrghhhh so using my graphic skills, i shrank it and fitted it in the paper! everything was set for the next day - i have to hug and kiss myself for this feat lol, hey - i am in a country which is not in my comfort zone! lol

the next day, i woke up super early - 7 am! because i wanted to catch the bus at 9 am. actually i looked and studied the map the night before and its fairly easy to go to the bus station. kyriakos was already awake and preparing to go to his class, after i finished eating bananas and watermelons for breakfast i headed out, kyriakos wished me luck in my trip - lol (hahahaha) when i went out of the flat - well this is it for me! i mean i would be alone and out of my comfort zone and no more spoiling from greek friends this time! hahaha

as i was walking in the streets of athens, although it was only 8 am, it was so hot! good thing i already knew the address of the bus station- the orange attika bus line. it is located between mavrommataion (Μαυρομματαίων) street and alexandras (Αλεξάνδρας) avenue. i only have to follow oktuvriou street which is just on the corner of averof street where i stay. according to the useful athens guide site i researched the landmark to find the bus station is the plateia aigyptou. but looking at the map again, it is not far from the national archeological museum which is just a spit away from where i stay! amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just got lucky!

walking in the streets of athens to the bus station was gruelling because of the heat, i really wanted to take out my shirt! good thing while i was walking on the pavement beside the national aracheological museum - there were lots of vendors selling water!!!! i just couldnt beleive my luck really, so i bought a bottle of water and a pack of cigarettes.

it wasnt hard to find the bus station, when i was there - i went inside and there was a woman in the reception, i asked her if she can speak english and she said yes in a very haughty way to me and looked at me from head to foot. i still asked her nicely if this was the bus station going to sounio, she told me to sit. so i sat. then came greek girls and she was so friendly to them and came caucasians and she was smiling like a cheshire cat. then i interrupted her and asked again and she waved me away and said i can pay at the bus. whattafuck was that?! so i went out and i saw a man, you know - im a little bit hesitant to ask questions again, because i might get the same treatment, but i need to ask! but he was so friendly and pointed me to a bus WITH GREEK LETTERS on the sign! LOL hahaha it reads Σούνιο then i had to scrape my mind about my trigonometry class when i was 15 and thats 13 years ago! good thing i remembered some greek alphabet that the character Σ is the letter s for sigma! ahahahahaha so its gotta be sounio because the first letter was s! hahahahaha

but i was still not sure! so when i got in, i asked the passengers if the bus is going to sounio, but there arent peopel who can speak english most of the people inside were french lol but someone said yes! there arent any seats anymore except at the back, that bus was crammed, and the moment i sat - the bus rolled! how lucky i was!

we were driving around athens and i saw athens more than the atehns i saw for the last 3 days, it was entirely different from the germany, netherlands, belgium and luxembourg - countries i visited and lived - athens is so barren, it lacks green - it lacks trees except for some parks thrown here and there.  then there are the boxy white painted houses. there arent any buildings or structures in the rennaisance period of europe - because greece was isolated - it was part of the ottoman empire, so there werent any progress in the architectures.

i was pondering alot as the bus rolled then suddenly the conductor came, i told him that i am going to sounio - 5 euros. i expected that our encounter was formal - passenger-conductor-payment thing, but he was so nice! he smiled goofily at me, scrathed his head then smiled again hahahaha that was so sweet! i forgot about that woman and her rascist actions. it made me think that the world isnt really rascist, there just some people who are.

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the map that i found and i carried…
the map that i found and i carrie…
photo by: Johnpro