a temple built for the sea god where the four winds of the earth meet.

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the song is tigris from a greek traditional lyre musician, the byzantine lyre master: psarantonis.
i was oblivious to the surroundings around me because i was concentrated to go to the toilet! lol and when i got out - i couldnt believe what was happening! hords of tourists buses and tourists cramming around the small area where the temple is located lol! i looked at the time in my phone, hmm its only around 11 am, not bad for lunch! so what i did, i went back again to the restaurant and to eat. when i saw the menu proices, damn, it was too expensive! but there were sandwhiches there, so i ordered a poor salami sandwhich for me and a glass of coke, ahahaha i never felt poor that time.

while i was eating and looking at the surroundings, the landscape in high summer was so barren, but the temple glistened in the strong sunlight, i cant wait to go there! im just waiting for the people to go back down after they poke the things in the temple ahahaha.
the cliff round the temple - so barren and dry but a beautiful day and the island of makronisos in the distance.
after about an hour, people started to go down! and hurrying to the restaurant where i was sitting! i asked for the bill and immediately oaid it! now its my turn to go! it was a good idea as all of the people going down, i was the only one going up!

opps i didnt knew that there was an entrance to pay! arrrghhhhh so i went to the small booth and paid - was steep! about 8 euros! anyway, i paid and i went up. i didnt went to the temple first but i examined the cliff where the temple was made, it was so beautiful there! the sky was so blue, the landscape was so barren and dry, the islands of nisida patroklos and makronisos, the ever bluish aegean sea and the pink marbles of the temple of poseidon gleamed in the distance. it was so hot! there arent any shades there - it was in the middle of the day and i am sweating so much, but as i looked down - i saw beach just below the temple! hhmmmm an idea flashed into my mind! i would definitely swim there later!

it was an amazing feeling for me, i mean i was already in greee and saw the parthenon and the acropolis, but this feeling standing in the temple of poseidon was a magnetic experience.
the last of it's kind pink marble.
it must be where the temple was built in a breathtaking landscape and atop a cliff that drops immediately to the sea.

after observing everything in the cliff, i went to the temple itself. well its - almost a quarter of what was left of the original, there was a rope that surrounds the remaining temple so that tourists cannot go inside and vandalize it, there was also a scowling woman hahaha who guards the temple if some stupid tourist would want to go inside. hahaha.

the sun was beating down so hard at me, i had to rest again and sat at the edge of the cliff and smoked - while i watched the scowling woman scowl at tourists wahahaha! then from afar - i heard a very loud voice! it was really booming - it was a girl and she was saying in an arrogant way: so is this the temple of poseidon right? who is he again? ahahahahah hahahahah (i wont tell which nationality was that! lol hahaha)

i read before - but unfortunately i could not find the surce to make a claim but  ireally did - that the temple of poseidon was built exactly where the four winds of the eath meet.
ruins and rubbles.
  boreas - the north wind, notus - the south wind, zephyrus - the west wind and eurus - the east wind. it was an amazing architectural feat by the greeks, they are so good in mathematics and calculations!

i couldnt take it any longer, it was too hot and humid, it doenst matter if i paid 8 euros, i need to get out from the sun. so i went down again and figure a way how to get to the beach down from the temple. going down was bit difficult because its a steep slope with soft earth, falling rocks and thorny bushes - i saw a couple of people down, so if they cant do it, why cant i?! lol hahaha

so i carefull climbed down and so excited to take a dip into the sea again! as i got down, there were a young couple there, i dont have any extra clothes with me bummer, but i have an extra tshirt - so what i did withouth thinking hahahaha i stripped down and swam naked! lol hahahaha the water was so warm and inviting! though its rocky, it wasnt bad at all.
the temple of poseidon constructed in pink marble.

itt was so refreshing to swim withought any clothes but i didnt go very far, because i do not trust the sea. after an hour of skinny dipping in the sun, as i was alone, the couple had gone away. i went as fast as i can to where my things were and dressed very quickly and started to go up!

as i was on the top of the slope, a couple asked me something  - but they couldnt speak english - they were french, so they pointed down and i said yes yes go down ahahahaha.

i took a look at the bus sched, i miss the bus but there is another at 30 minutes. i waited in the shade, feeling refreshed for the day! going to the temple of poseidon wasnt a bad idea after all! hahahahaha

sylviandavid says:
Enjoyed the pictures and the video ..... You really do a good job on photos .... sylvia
Posted on: Oct 15, 2015
strategos says:
Posted on: Jan 21, 2008
lauro says:
hindi ako pumasa sa boyscout nun kasi mabagal ako kumain :D hahahahahahaha
Posted on: Nov 13, 2007
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the song is tigris from a greek t…
the cliff round the temple - so ba…
the cliff round the temple - so b…
the last of its kind pink marble.
the last of it's kind pink marble.
ruins and rubbles.
ruins and rubbles.
the temple of poseidon constructed…
the temple of poseidon constructe…
i took a swim and naked :D hahahah…
i took a swim and naked :D hahaha…
the little cove below!
the little cove below!
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