a tale of two seas: the mediterrenean and south china seas.

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as usual i looked so stupid.
ok, heres the deal, i grew up only swimming in the south china sea and the pacific ocean which are located in the orient! and this will be my first time swimming in the mediterrenean sea, which i never NEVER never dreamt of doing LOL. i really dont know what to expect and i was so excited! well... since i can remember, until i left the philippines, every year i had summer vacation to my grandmother and swim on the islands or with friends and cousins having out of towns in the beaches. i should be used to it - i mean going to the beach - but not this time! oh yes! this is the mediterrenean! the sea with the most history in the world. ohhh gives me shivers! lol nyahahaha.

when we finally got out of the taxi, we were in some kind of suburb in athens, lots of HUGE HOUSES, mansions and so on! ooooops.
oh my, im losing weight in greece day by day.
giorgios paid for the taxi again, i wanted to give him money but he wont hear of it! we crossed the street and headed to a beach resort, my goodness, i thought were just going to swim in any beach - i mean a beach in the sea where i would have just to take off my slippers, shirt and just wade into the water! but giorgos and kyriakos took me to a fancy beach resort!

there was a "sort of" bouncer at the gate and the resort is named "ble beach" kyriakos said to me that ble - means blue in greek, well thats not hard  to guess. lol nyahaha.

again giorgos PAID, i was really embarasssed - but he wouldnt give me a chance to talk! lol so the entrace fee (that time) was 5 euros per person and NOT INCLUDING THE TABLE AND CHAIRS. i woulnt want to know what the price was! when we where there - we ordered some drinks, but i got hungry again and i ordered cheese sandwhich and large strawberry milkshake - i need energy! i havent been eating right!

giorgios and kyrakios where discussing somethign in greek and i dont want to disturb so i wandered my eyes at the beach, the boom box was exploding with house music - there were middle aged people, but most are swarmed with youngsters, cladded in dolce and gabbannas, pradas and armanis, from swimsuit to sunglasses lol - i felt so out of place! when my order came i devoured it and while i was devouring my sandwhich, giorgios and kyriakos spoke to me saying that they have discussed which islands i should visit with giorgios - in the kyklades! (cyclades) then they narrowed it down to two choices - naxos or donoussa island, i said it doenst matter with me! so giorgos said he will book a ferry for tomorrow! yey!

after our little chat, we all went into the water and swim! when i first touched and swam in the water i had to go up at once! it was TOO SALTY AND IT HURTS MY EYES! it was so different from the seas in the philippines! lol nyahaha.
kyriakos discussing something.
that was really strange! and im surprised that fish can still survive with the salinity of the water- if i would be a fish i would be floating dead in seconds! lol hahaha but the water was amazingly warm! so i just closed my eyes and mouth while wading myself into the water.

after an hour of swimming, we headed back and then packed ur thigns up as giorgos had to work early tomorrow in the polytwchnic and kyriakos will visit his grandmother in imithós. then giorgois called the waiter and asked for our bill and he again paid for my strawberry milkshake and sandwhich!!! NÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖ! but he wouldnt hear the end of it! it costed more than 10 euros!

we went to take a cab again until agios dimitrios station in the metro and from there back to central athens!

tomorrow i will get a duplicate key from kyiakos! so i can explore athens while the guys are away! sounds good to me!

lauro says:
i miss them, but i dont have any contacts with them anymore :(((( now, its the hard part - because i went alone i n greece, because the two were busy :((( but i had fun!
Posted on: Sep 21, 2009
sylviandavid says:
I love the hospitality they showed you.... so sweet. Sylvia
Posted on: Sep 20, 2009
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as usual i looked so stupid.
as usual i looked so stupid.
oh my, im losing weight in greece …
oh my, im losing weight in greece…
kyriakos discussing something.
kyriakos discussing something.
giorgos and kyriakos deciding whic…
giorgos and kyriakos deciding whi…
me and giorgos at ble beach.
me and giorgos at ble beach.
photo by: vulindlela